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Zoey 101 Reboot Rumour True? Find All Your Answers Now

Nickelodeon’s most successful & highest rated tv show could be back!!! Which one? Zoey 101…Have you seen this show before? Well, I think most of you might have seen this comedy-drama television series in the first decade of the 21st century.

In case you don’t know, Zoey 101 started way back on Jan 05 & it concluded 4 years later on May 2, 2008. In its 1st run, it had 61 episodes of 25 Minutes each. However, there’re some rumours going around the web that the Zoey 101 will get a reboot after 11 long years. So, in this post, I will discuss whether these rumours are true or not. So, let’s proceed: –

Why Zoey 101 was Cancelled?

Before proceeding to the latest news, I will start by refreshing your memory,” Why the show was cancelled abruptly after 4 Seasons?”

Answer this question….

Well, you might be saying,” Yeah! I know she quit the show because of her pregnancy at the age of 16.” Wrong!!! Yes, you are wrong. In case you don’t know, earlier this year, she posted a pic on her Instagram page for celebrating 14 years of Zoey 101. Here is the pic, in case you don’t believe what I’m saying:

Now, look at the hashtags in the post, here is she has clearly mentioned that she did not quit the show because of pregnancy. Her contract with the show was finished so she decided not to renew the show.

Is Zoey 101 coming back?

Recently, on their blog, TMZ reported that nicks executives are looking for the reboot of Zoey 101. In fact, the makers are already in talks with the lead star of Zoey 101’s lead star Jamie Lynn Spears. According to TMZ, Jamie Lynn has been talking with execs about the show but it’s not a done deal. We’re told Jamie would reprise the iconic lead role … but with some major changes.

Besides, since, the news of nickelodeon’s reboot of two shows— “All that” & “Blues Clues” broke out, speculation of a Zoey 101 reboot is at an all-time high.

What Will be The Plot of Zoey 101 Reboot?

If you have seen Zoey 101 in your childhood, then you might be several questions in your mind regarding the Zoey 101 Reboot.

Did Zoey ended up with Chase?

Zoey & Lola are still besties?

What’s Dustin doing these Days?

Well, as far as the plot of Zoey 101 reboot is concerned, the show will resume & focus on the life of Zoey in SoCal ten year later. Moreover, right now, her age is 28. So, you can expect her to have some kids down the line in the show. But as of now, it’s unclear that whether she will have Chase as her partner or someone new will come as her love interest.

Zoey With an Edge

Yeah, you read it right. The reboot version of the show will be “Zoey with an Edge.” Although, I don’t what it means but right after the show reached its conclusion, Jamie Lynn too had a couple of kids. Now, as far as a return in the reboot show is concerned, the producers of the show will have a quite difficult time in bringing Austin Butler AKA James in the show.

Well, the main reason for this is, right now, his movie career is at an all-time high. He is busy in shooting Baz Luhrmann biopic as he is playing Elvis in the film.

Final Words

To sum up the post, I would say that Yeah, the rumours of Zoey 101 reboot are true. If the talks with Jamie Lynn Spears goes successful then you can expect the show to release by next year. I hope the show will live up to the expectation of its fans who have grown up watching this show in their childhood.

Besides, till then, do let us know your favourite moments of the show in the comments section given below.

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