Unlock Online Success: Why and Who Needs a Website?
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Unlock Online Success: Why and Who Needs a Website?

A website in the realities of today’s life is an indispensable tool for promoting goods or services, and not a whim or luxury. Each company, supermarket or salon prefers to have its own representation on the Internet. Why do you need your own website? The question is rather rhetorical. Without it, the business will not be massively popular and will not be able to develop rapidly.

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Why Do You Need a Website?

Why Do You Need a Website?
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It is needed in order for the company to have a display on Internet sites. This is the web resource where your potential customers will receive comprehensive answers to their questions, as well as learn detailed information about the activities of your company. The important thing is that when you go to the site (https://keenethics.com/) you can contact specialists who are ready to help in creating the site.

Why do you need a company website? The answer is simple – instead of spending hours talking about the advantages of the company among analogues, explaining the details, you can go the other way – post the necessary data about your business once on the site – and distribute its address.

Your own Internet resource will immediately inspire confidence among customers that you are not a company that will work for several days and close, but a serious organization that openly conducts business in front of millions of consumers.

The site contains information about your merits, pages where customers will find registration documents, the relevant certificate and certificates. Also on the site it would be appropriate to issue a catalog with product photos, as well as pleasant customer reviews, a price list and a photo report on completed orders. This will raise your rating and distinguish you from competing firms.

A web page is a great option for increasing sales and attracting customers. The site can be placed on the maps of major search engines. This will ensure the correct promotion of the resource and a stable flow of customers or buyers.

Do you want your business to grow? In this case, it is necessary to be flexible, reduce costs, find effective methods for selling goods and services. It is unlikely that you will be able to cope with your goals without having your own website.

Own web resource will make the company popular, provide a high-quality and stylish image.

What Are the Types of Sites?

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Among the various types of sites, the following common types are distinguished:

  • Landing – a landing site consisting of one page with an application form. Required for a variety of promotions and special offers. The site is compact and contains brief information;
  • Multilanding – a platform where various information is automatically substituted (by search query, needs, geolocation, gender or age of the user). Suitable for advertising in social networks and search engines;
  • Presentation site – necessary for advertising goods. The promo site is original and has a non-standard design that attracts customers. Such a portal, thanks to its non-standard design, will be remembered for a long time;
  • Business card site – a resource through which users get an idea about the activities of the company. The main sections of the business card site are the type of services provided and the list of goods; price lists; maybe a photo of the product. It is mandatory to place information about the company with the address, phone number, e-mail;
  • Gallery – variations of business card sites. It features a built-in photo gallery, pictures. Suitable for artists, photographers or designers. It is also popular among beauty salons, where it is necessary to demonstrate the work of manicure masters, hairdressers, stylists;
  • Online store – belongs to the category of a showcase site, but differs in the presence of an online payment function. The web resource has a shopping cart (where the goods selected by the client are stored before payment), a user account that tracks the status of order processing. Also, the site is equipped with additional functions, for example, the choice of delivery method;
  • Corporate website – a complex portal of an enterprise or organization that contains company news, vacancies, informational articles, portfolios and service pricing sections. A distinctive feature of the corporate website is the presence of sections for customers, partners and ordinary visitors. Contains separate corporate sections, with closed access for everyone except employees of the company;
  • Blog – a website that contains articles or videos on one narrow area, or contains many sections. It occurs as an independent Internet resource, and as an integral part of a multifunctional site.

As you can see, there are a large number of options and all of them are selected according to the needs of the business.

Which Is Better: A Personalized Website or A CMS Website?

Which Is Better: A Personalized Website or A CMS Website?
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If you decide to create a website, but it is difficult to decide which method to choose for its development? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of ready-made CMS and self-written sites.

CMS is a specialized program consisting of many components. The program is installed to implement the following tasks:

  • Convenient creation of blogs, online stores, news pages, business sites, advertising portals, banking sites;
  • Comfort of working with a web resource – you can fill the content without basic knowledge of layout.

A self-written site has certain advantages regarding the level of security, since ready-made CMS often become an object for fraud for hackers. Individual projects are less prone to this problem, since their code is closed and it is much more difficult to detect a vulnerability on such a site. However, there is no threat from hackers if the site is professionally designed and written with high quality.

Why Is a Self-Written Website Good?

Why Is a Self-Written Website Good
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  • Operational adaptation;
  • High-speed operation of the site due to the absence of additional modules;
  • A high level of security, which is created specifically for this web page.


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If you do not have the sufficient knowledge base necessary to create a high-quality Internet resource, then you should not take on the implementation of a web portal project. Why create a site of poor quality, where there will not be the desired number of visitors every day.

It is better to entrust this matter to qualified craftsmen with worthy experience in this field. By contacting a website development agency, you are provided with an effective solution to the most complex business problems. With your own website, you will successfully develop the company. Experienced programmers will turn your idea into reality and create a competitive product using innovative technologies.