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Where to Spend Halloween in 2023: Top 5 Best Cities!

Perhaps, the most anticipated holiday after New Year’s Eve is Halloween. It is on the night of October 31 to November 1 that the most mystical holiday takes place, when it is believed that the spirits of deceased relatives come down to earth. On this day, usually children and teenagers dress in frightening outfits (most often these are costumes of vampires, zombies, ghosts, witches and other unclean forces) and go around the houses asking for candy and other goodies, and the owners decorate their houses by placing Jack lanterns in the yard. It is Jack (the terrifying head is made of a pumpkin) that is the main and most recognizable symbol of the holiday. According to historical data, the Celtic tribes first celebrated the holiday more than two thousand years ago, and the day was dedicated to two events: the New Year and the reverence for the God of fertility. Now this holiday is celebrated in countries such as Great Britain, the United States of America, Ireland and Canada. Today, we will tell you about the places that are included in the list of top 5 places for Halloween to make this day unforgettable. Read on to learn more.

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In such a noisy city as New York City annually takes place the Village Halloween Parade, where about 100 thousand people dressed up as monsters, monsters, Count Dracula, the walking dead and skeletons pass through the street gathering a bunch of fans and arranging a frightening party. On this day and even shortly before it a lot of tourists come to the city, which greatly complicates the movement around the city, so to save your money and nerves, it is worth checking, because it really is one of the best ways out of the situation. Another popular place to celebrate is Green-Wood Cemetery, where more than half a million prominent people are buried, including politicians, artists, musicians, military and scientists. Each year, more than 500,000 tourists visit the site, exploring the bizarre and intimidating architecture of the structures and tombstones in the 2 km² area. To celebrate Halloween properly, it is worth booking a 12 passenger van rental to go to the Bloody Manor as a group, because this place is considered one of the most terrifying (admission only for people aged 14+), because there are many scary rides and scenery, which takes your breath away.



This village is considered the birthplace of such a famous person as Count Dracula. On the territory of this village is his palace, built at the beginning of the 13th century as a fortress for protection against enemy troops. Thanks to the work “Dracula” (written in the 19th century) by the famous writer Bram Stoker, this place has become a “beacon” for travelers and thrill seekers. It is thanks to the legend of the bloodthirsty vampire Dracula, who, by the way, never lived in Transylvania, the entire region was “branded” as a vampire habitat. Now the village Bran can be called one of the top places that celebrate Halloween, because here, in the castle you can see secret dungeons with rooms for torture with coffins, rooms with hidden traps, as well as fairly realistic statues of monsters, vampires and evil ghosts.



Every year, streams of tourists flock to the city to celebrate Halloween in style. Among the “cells of ghosts” and evil spirits should be noted such ancient castles as Hampton Court and the Tower of London. It is on this night here you can meet restless spirits and ghosts, among which will definitely be the ghost of the headless horseman, which is also an essential attribute of the holiday. Among the most frightening places in London are the Greenwich Pedestrian Tunnel, which runs underground, namely under the River Thames. Another interesting place for Halloween is Epping Forest, where there are more than 100 lakes and many hiking trails, where you can camp or have a mystical holiday at night during the celebration of the “holiday of unclean forces”. It is these locations that certainly make the list of top 10 places to visit Halloween in the United Kingdom. By far the scariest place to celebrate is the Catacombs of West Nords Cemetery, where regular tours of the dungeons, among the “realm” of the dead.



Mexico, in general, has a different attitude toward death, honoring dead relatives, and celebrating Halloween than the rest of the world. In this country, there is a very different holiday like Halloween, the Day of the Dead, during which people dress up in terrifying costumes of horrible monsters, evil demons, vampires, «the living dead» and other evil things and go to the cemetery to joyfully honor their deceased relatives. In Mexico City, locals and visitors can go to one of the cemeteries Pantheon San Andres Mixquic or Pantheon of Dolores, where there are more than 700 thousand tombs, crypts, graves of famous residents and ordinary people. Few people know that before this holiday, relatives of the deceased come to their graves and clean the bones to preserve them and show respect to that person (according to legends, it helps preserve that person’s soul).



The city of Hong Kong is no exception to the celebration of Halloween. Among the attractions for this holiday is Ocean Park’s, which is a complex with ruined buildings of the castle «Ruins of the Damned», where those wishing to take advantage of this terrifying attraction should learn to run well, because they will be chased by many evil spirits and monsters. Another interesting place that is sure to take your breath away from fear is Vracheny Hong Kong, designed to hold a competition in the quest rooms, where you have to turn on your mind to solve the riddles. The main goal of the quest is to escape from ghosts and ugly monsters.


Therefore, although each country has its own attitude and traditions during the celebration of Halloween, all have one thing in common – fun, interesting adventures and spooky costumes. So, the choice of where to spend this day depends on what style you want to see your «holiday of unclean forces». Have a wonderful Halloween and an unforgettable experience!