What does a QA Automation do? Introduction to the profession

Testing specialists are conditionally divided into QA Manual and QA Automation. The work of the former consists in writing test scripts and manually checking applications – not always and not only, but these actions are at the heart of the profession. QA Automation engineers primarily create automated tests. The important difference is in the word “create”, this is what makes the profession interesting. You can become a professional and get a job after special courses. Read more here https://spincareer.com/automation-qa/

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What is automation testing?

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Automation Testing (Automated testing, Test Automation) is a technique in which special programs to execute test cases are used. That is needed to find serious bugs. This differs from manual tests, where the cases are running by the tester manually.

Automated programs compare results with actual results and produce detailed test reports.

Product development is iterative and iterative and each iteration typically requires the same set of tests to run. With automated tools, you can record test suites and run them when needed. Once the test suite is automated, there is little or no human involvement in carrying out the tests. This makes automated testing an effective technique. The purpose of automation is to reduce the number of tests that have to be carried out manually.

How to perform Automation Testing?

The automated testing process looks like this:

  1. Choosing an automation tool.
  2. Determining the functionality to be automated.
  3. Planning, test design and test development.
  4. Running tests.
  5. Support for written tests.
  6. Do the documentation.

Such testing is faster and more reliable than manual testing.

QA Automation Tester responsibilities

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QA Automation engineer’s responsibilities include:

    • requirements analysis;
    • development of positive/negative/boundary scenarios;
    • description of automation test cases;
    • development of a framework for product automation;
    • setting up test environments;
    • preparation of test data;
    • test coverage analysis;
    • writing autotests, test scripts;
    • integration with automatic start systems or Continuous Integration;
  • API testing;
  • performing automated tests;
  • support for the performance of already written tests;
  • writing documentation;
  • analysis of the results of auto-test runs;
  • bug reporting, general testing reports.

The duties of some specialists also include manual testing.

How to get a job in the QA?

To become a QA Automation Engineer, you must be familiar with:

  • Manual testing (including test frameworks) – to understand why a particular test is needed;
  • QA – to understand what tests are needed to cover one or another element of functionality;
  • Programming – for direct writing autotests.

Make sure you understand and be able to develop algorithms, knowledge of software development and testing processes.

You can get a QA Automation profession with the help of special courses. Choose an experienced school that provides good knowledge. The undeniable advantage of courses is a community that often forms around them. Students who live in the same city meet not only in chat rooms but also in other places. Such communication is no less useful than the program part of the training. New acquaintances can also recommend you in their cool company. But you shouldn’t forget about self-education and improving your skills.

Benefits of becoming a professional QA

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A career as a QA engineer can be very challenging, yet highly rewarding at the same time since it comes with a variety of different benefits. Every QA engineer is responsible for ensuring the quality of software products which includes testing and monitoring products before they have been released. All QA professionals need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. In case you are interested in a career in software quality assurance, QA engineering can be the right choice for you.

Therefore, we listed some of the crucial benefits of becoming one of them. It is good to know that there is a high demand for them now, and it will be in the future as well. Reasons for this refer to the fact that software systems become very complex. Additionally, there is a rise in new technology that needs to be tested. Their job will also increase the better satisfaction of the customers.

QA engineers have many job opportunities

The first benefit of becoming a QA engineer is the fact that you will have the chance to work on different types of projects which means that your job will be challenging and adventurous. Through the work, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself, learn skills and gain experience that will help you later in the future.

QA engineering is a stable career

One more benefit worth mentioning is that this is the type of job that is required a lot now and the same situation will be in the future. The demand for QA engineers is constantly growing due to the fact that they are playing a crucial role in ensuring the quality of software products. That means that you will have good job prospects. At the same time, you should know that salary ranges are incredible as well.

Opportunity to work with the latest technologies and software programs

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If you love technology, this is a great job for you since you are going to be surrounded by the latest technology all the time. The future of the QA profession is extremely promising because new software programs are being developed every single day. Logically, all of those programs need to be monitored and tested. If you choose a QA career, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of different software programs.

QA engineers are satisfied with their job

In general, as the statistics show, most QA engineers are extremely satisfied with their job. This mostly refers to the fact that they enjoy challenges and resolving all types of difficulties that they have faced. Additionally, when they add on top of that the satisfaction of knowing that their profession is helping their companies to improve the quality of the software products in order to improve the satisfaction of the customers, they are generously very happy to do their work.

QA Engineer has the opportunity to work remotely

Another great benefit of being a QA engineer is the fact that you can do your job from the comfort of your home, while you are on the vacation or anywhere else that you are located. This is now a great perk for most people since they love jobs that provide flexible schedules. The only thing that you need is an internet connection and you are ready to work from any location. This is extremely great for people that do not like to be stuck in the office for the whole day.