How to Play the Weapon Warrior Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft is a cult online MMO RPG with a long history and a constant change of meta – the main focus of each class and its capabilities.

This means that every major expansion touches and changes every class in one way or another. Thus, the developers are striving to achieve a general balance and give each player the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in any game class and specialization.

All new players who come to WoW have several options for developing their hero and here are the ways in which learning and understanding of the game can be achieved:

  • You rely solely on game learning and do all the quests – story and additional, in which you are told the main mechanics of the game, taught to fight monsters and apply skills, you will understand how to use weapons and accessories.

The downside of this method is the lack of adaptability – the general training is universal and does not adapt to specific professions – it is more difficult to play and pump on a healer than on a warrior, but you will understand this much later.

  • You rely on guides and guides, which means you use the whole range of knowledge that other players have accumulated in your class and in World of Warcraft as a whole. Such guides are written with an emphasis on non-obvious mechanics and nuances that new players simply do not know and do not understand due to their inexperience, but these gaps will be filled in later.
  • You can interact with special services that, with the help of professional players, can help improve or simplify your game of World of Warcraft. Skycoach is such a service – you can buy game gold, learn how to play in your class from the best players, or order a complex upgrade to get to high-level content, bypassing all the routine and boring quests.

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What Is a Weapon Warrior

The Weapon Warrior plays the role of a physical fighter with tiered melee damage using stacking skills, quick and burst damage, and the ability to attack single and multiple targets if they are close enough to each other.

Of the defensive skills, the class can defend against incoming physical damage by relying on its own skills.

Thanks to the Colossus Strike skill, it is possible to deal physical damage while ignoring armor, which will make the damage more painful, especially against armored tanks.

What Has Changed Since Shadowlands

After the completion of the Shadowlands update and the entry of World of Warcraft into the Dragonflight phase, the Warriors class did not receive major changes, with the exception of a few important differences. Blizzard has significantly reworked the talent system, making it more flexible and variable, opening up access to more sophisticated and non-standard builds for strengthening and experimenting with your hero.

The Execute skill has become more powerful and should be cast when the enemy has less than 20% of their primary health.

Main Characteristics and Specialization of the Warrior Class Weapon

  • Force
  • Critical hit
  • Speed
  • Mastery
  • Versatility


One of the three most important attributes that is assigned to each class depending on the types of attacks and direction.

Strength affects overall health and stamina, debuff resistance, and melee damage. All physical skills can proc in the best variation – extended time or have a chance to critically proc with a high strength indicator.

All equipment of a higher quality than usual, which can be crafted, ordered to be crafted or dropped in epic raids, has additional strength parameters in addition to the main characteristics of the equipment.

Critical Hit

A critical hit is an opportunity with a certain chance to deal double damage to a target. All classes that rely on damage from normal attacks should rely on the critical attack parameter.

For a warrior, this is an opportunity to hit several targets at once with increased damage, or to fully attack the boss, causing huge damage with fast attacks with a high critical chance.

Since the Weapon Warrior has the ability to attack several targets at once, this opens up an excellent potential for killing a large number of monsters at once, which means faster pumping.


All characters with a melee type of attack, that is, damage that requires proximity to the target for the sake of its effectiveness, are required to increase their speed parameter by all means.

Speed allows you to approach the target quickly and maintain good combat potential even when under negative effects that limit overall mobility.


Mastery is responsible for the overall efficiency in the application of skills. The higher this parameter, the more often and more efficiently the skills will work.

Physical offensive skills will deal more damage and have a higher chance to critically hit, or double the equivalent.

Defensive skills will have a chance to work for a longer time than in the standard version.


This is a universal parameter responsible for the uniform development of attack and defense characteristics.

Initially, each class has its own, unique indicator of this characteristic and it develops on its own, when acquiring levels and having characteristic equipment.

Because of this ratio, the total damage that the characters will inflict on each other is determined.

This is the main reason why an older player will most of the time beat a lesser player.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Warrior



  • The ability to effectively attack single, mass and large clusters of targets.
  • He has several skills for approaching, controlling and keeping the target under his blows.
  • Many defensive skills to increase stamina, parameters and overall invulnerability.
  • Applying buffs to the whole group.

Weak Sides

  • Cannot be effective at a distance from the target.
  • It is impossible to create a universal build – you need to constantly combine talents.



The Weapon Specialized Warrior is a classic physical type fighter and will suit all players who like to be in the thick of things and deal good damage to the enemy and bosses through active hits and be able to disperse their damage through temporary buffs.

The class has a number of drawbacks, but globally it is a good first hero for beginners. Wars Weapons do not have strong restrictions, are welcome in most groups and are not too difficult to master.

In the later stages of the game, it can suffer from mages, but skills in approaching the target and good jewelry will help to fix this situation.