5 Ways to Make Your Bingo Games Loads More Fun!

An exciting and comforting game that millions of people around the world enjoy playing, bingo has a stellar reputation in the gaming community. While playing bingo can be enjoyable, the game does have a tendency to become a little less exciting after a while.

Even though bingo has improved on sites like Borgata in recent years, with various rule changes, some people may feel the game is repetitive if they have participated in several bingo events recently. If you are hosting a game night and want to include bingo or are planning a bingo night for a work function, you may want to spice things up.

Making a game of bingo more fun is not very difficult, as you can enhance the experience of playing without taking away from the core experience of bingo.

Below are five ways that you can add fun to your bingo games during game night or at a work event.

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1. Play Various Styles


Many people do not realize that bingo is not a game with only one particular style or way of playing. Depending on the rule books you assess, there are several methods to play bingo.

For example, most bingo games involve getting the first five squares in a row, but those rules can be changed. For instance, if someone gets a postage stamp during the game, they win a particular round. A postage stamp in bingo refers to getting four numbers on any of the four corners of the card.

There are also games where you have to play until someone covers the whole board, which is referred to as the black-out game.

Using different bingo versions is a terrific way to add excitement to the game when you have many seasoned veterans participating. Anyone who plays bingo regularly may find it repetitive to play a specific format, which is why changing up the bingo rules for your event can generate a lot of buzz and excitement.

2. Use Food

Using typical bingo markers is not always that exciting, especially if you have kids attending your bingo event. One option is to use small candies or chocolates as the bingo markers. You could use M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans, or other such candies for the purpose of marking squares on bingo cards.

Each time the round is over, players can eat up the candy pieces that were on their bingo card. Then, even if they did not win a prize during a particular round, they nonetheless got to enjoy a little treat.

3. Alter Bingo Cards


One idea is to alter the letters on your bingo cards. If your event has a theme or you are celebrating a particular season, you can include a special word that everyone has to reach using custom cards.

When people come to your party and see their bingo cards, they will be amazed that all the letters are different from the usual combinations. Such changes can spice up the game for everyone.

For example, you could create a bingo card with a special theme, such as a particular season, holiday, movie, video game, or sports team. Even though the basics of the game remain the same, everyone has a great time, as the game feels different while they are playing.

4. Create a Party Theme

One of the best ways to get people excited about a party or game night is to create a theme. Perhaps you can link the theme to your bingo game, as you can create cards with specific color schemes or graphics that match the theme of the night.

You can choose a seasonal event if there is a holiday coming up that everyone celebrates. There are plenty of general themes you can also select, depending on the tastes and interests of the group coming to play at your event.

The theme for your party can extend beyond bingo to include the decorations for the event. Whether you are hosting a game night at home or planning a work-related or public event, sending themed invitations and beautifully setting up the space will generate a lot of interest in your bingo event.

5. Double Your Prizes


A sure-fire way to stir up more interest in bingo during a game night or at a corporate event is by doubling the prizes for the winners. If people come to your event thinking they might win a specific item or cash prize at bingo and discover the rewards have doubled, they will be much more enthusiastic about playing.

You may also want to add prizes for those who come second, third, fourth, and fifth during a game of bingo. If you are playing in a very large group, such a strategy ensures the game remains fun even if one person gets bingo. You can limit prizes to the top two or three players in each round when you have a smaller group.

Everyone Should Feel Welcome

One of the best ways to make a game of bingo more exciting and appealing is to ensure that everyone feels welcome to attend and take part. It does not matter whether a person is a bingo veteran or has never played a game before – they should feel like they can participate and have a wonderful time with the rest of the group.

Bingo events are not only a great way to get into the gaming spirit but can also help build camaraderie among a group of friends, co-workers, or community. Everyone has a few drinks, eats delicious snacks, plays several rounds of bingo, and has a wonderful time.