7 Reasons Your Vintage Record Player Is Still Popular in 2024 – The Big Comeback

The heyday of the era of records can be considered the 50s of the last century. And their decline occurred at the end of the 90s. CDs quickly displayed vinyl records as they were much easier to use and sounded great.

Suddenly, in the early 2000s, the forgotten vintage record player, which was thrown away in packs by many, began to gain popularity. Keep reading to find out why the records became less famous.

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Why people lost interest in vinyl?

Why did people begin to lose interest in the records? These were the main reasons why vinyl records gave way to cassettes, reels, and CDs. Of course, there were also formats, but the main ones are listed below here.

Lack of mobility


The first reason is the poor mobility of devices that reproduce sound on vinyl records. They are pretty bulky and require proper installation without the ability to move them while playing music.
Often, turntable shelves are hung on the wall. It is done so that the needle does not jump over the plate from the vibrations of the floor. Therefore, you will hardly be able to listen to the record in your car or when you’re on the move.

Uneven frequencies

The second reason is the uneven reproduction of high frequencies, which gradually deteriorate from the middle and further to the end of the record.

With competent mastering, this is not very noticeable, but still, this problem occurs. There is also the problem of recording low frequencies on vinyl.

Low durability


Another reason is the low durability of the plate. Indeed, after each use, the parameters of the sound on the plate deteriorate slightly. This is because the needle of the turntable destroys the record itself during playback. After the first, fifth, tenth time, it may not be noticeable, but the sound gets worse over time.

Poor maintenance

Also, vinyl records collect dust very well and that is why listening to music turns into a kind of dust-wiping ritual before listening. Also, if you don’t clean the records periodically, they are gradually devoured by bacteria.

Along with this, there are other nuances such as grime and grease that can settle on the surface of the record and greatly affect the sound quality.

Moreover, unlike tape recorders and CD players, you will not be able to copy a record to a record at home, as you did with cassettes, reels, and CDs. However, you can transfer the record to a tape recorder or CD and then listen to it on it.

Why are vintage records gaining popularity?


Audio formats such as CD, DVD, FLAC, and others can convey sound with high fidelity. At first, they seemed like they would displace the vinyl records from the market. But lately, we have seen an increase in demand for vinyl records and, accordingly, for turntables. For example, some of the turntables are modern options that deliver the best sound quality.

There are several reasons for this. Let’s take a look at them now.

1. Nostalgia

Most people grew up at a time when vinyl records were at their peak. Some have preserved large collections of records, which are a pity to throw away. Also, by turning on the music on the turntable, we immerse ourselves in our memories and enjoy it.

2. Ritual and the value of music

Now music lovers can turn on any online music service like Spotify or press a button on their smartphone, and listen to their favorite music.

Thanks to the invention of the mp3 format, many people no longer buy music but download it from the Internet for free. Unfortunately, this kind of music loses value over time.
It’s different with vinyl records. Firstly, you need to buy a record or borrow from your loved ones as a last resort. However, vinyl records may not last long since they also undergo tear and wear.

On the flipside, record players are not some of the cheapest products on the market. The price of the records varies greatly, ranging from a few dollars to 200 dollars per record. Moreover, the price depends on the condition of the record itself, its popularity, and collection value. That is, to collect a collection of your favorite performers, you will have to spend a lot.

Listening to a vinyl record requires more than pressing a button. There are some things that you need to enjoy your favorite music.

First of all, you need to choose a record from your collection, which can be up to thousands if you have a huge collection.

Next, take the record out of the beautiful packaging, put it on the turntable. But before you do, wipe off the dust that constantly sticks to the record.

After turning on the player, slowly lower the needle onto the record and enjoy the music. It will not last long, because after half an hour you will need to turn it over to the other side.

Thus, listening to music becomes a ritual. And the cost and fragility of the disc add value to the music recorded on it.

The special sound of a vinyl record

The sound of music on a vinyl record is unique and not comparable to other types. A characteristic crunch or small clicks are present even on very high-quality turntables and records. Due to the peculiarity of recording, its sound itself is a little special and this makes it more popular with vinyl lovers. Such a sound in these circles is known as “live sound.” This kind of sound is greatly appreciated if played on a turntable. This being said, you can visit 1byoneaudio for turntable models and their features.


As a result of all these factors, some music lovers take vintage records as both classic and fashionable. People who had never even heard vinyl sound began to take an interest in it. Prices for vintage turntables started to skyrocket, much to the delight of those gathering dust in their garages and closets. And gradually, an updated market for turntables and records for any wallet was formed.

Record shops were resurrected, and everything started up again. It has now become a fashionable trend: every self-respecting group must certainly release their albums, including on records. Fans rejoice buying them at concerts, with beautiful covers and, with luck, autographs.