Maximizing Small Spaces: Vertical Indoor Gardening Tips for Apartment

Having a garden is quite beneficial for people, not just for mood boosting, but there are also numerous medical benefits. Naturally, not every person lives in a house with a backyard, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to build a garden. Instead, you will see that you can have one of these in an apartment.

At the same time, we can see that some people are not sure about how they can do that. The thing you need to do is to clear enough space for your potential garden to fit properly. Naturally, that doesn’t mean you should fit too much of it. In those moments, the apartment can be crowded with them and you will not be able to move around properly.

Thankfully, there are techniques you can implement to prevent that from happening. If you need professional help with implementing these, then be sure to pay a visit to the indoor hydroponic system. Today, we want to provide you with a couple of tips on how you can implement these in your apartment.

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Use it to Hide Unwanted Spots


We all have some spots inside our homes that are, let’s say, not presentable to visitors. On the other side, there are many parts that the owners don’t enjoy, for whatever reason. In both cases, the easiest way for you to hide them is to cover them up by using indoor gardening. Think about it, this is a great way to cover something you don’t like, but at the same time, you will cover them with something useful.

Thankfully, you can choose from a wide array of different plants you can use to do just that. For example, let’s say that some spots in your apartment have railings propane tanks. You will certainly agree that both of these are not aesthetic, right? In that case, this is the perfect thing you can do to cover it up.

Another thing we want to point out is that many people want to increase their privacy while they are on the balcony. Most people do not want others to see what they are doing in their four walls. The right thing to do is to put some plants that can cover the view properly, and provide that necessary privacy.

Use Backless Bookcase


Another thing you can do is use a backless bookcase for your vertical indoor gardening. Thankfully, coming across these even if you don’t own one of them is pretty easy. There are many yard sales where you can obtain one of these for cheap money. When you get it, there are two ways you can go from this point.

The first option you can undertake is to empty the bookcase and use it for storing the plants. Another option is to have it half filled with books, and the rest of it can hold some of these plants. Of course, you should know that not all of them can fit this backless bookcase. You need to be careful about the ones you choose.

However, the thing is that you should choose the backless bookcase based on your apartment. For instance, you cannot choose one that is too big to fit inside your apartment. The way for you to prevent this from happening is to measure them before you purchase them. Be patient and you will find the one that helps you.

Green Vertical Garden Wall


If you live in a small apartment and you don’t have enough space for a garden, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on it. A good way you can do that is to commit one wall to vertical gardening. Thankfully, building these doesn’t need too much effort on your behalf. For that reason, it is one of the most popular ways of apartment gardening in the world.

The trick is to find a room that has enough natural light, which means that having just one window will not be enough. Pick a room that has at least a few of them. Then you can start putting the plants on the way. You can either choose hanging plants or you can opt for adding some space where you can keep them.

When it comes to the plants you should choose, there are a couple of types you should focus on. For instance, we believe that opting for pathos, spider plant, English ivy, and other similar plants will be a really good choice for you, no matter how much space you have in your apartment.

Make Useless Stairs Useful


The last thing we want to point out is not that common, but you will see that many people have useless stairs in their apartments. A good example of this is the one you can find in the Chicago condos. Those who are on the highest flat usually have stairs that lead to the roof. So it would be useful to fill those stairs with plants.

The good thing about this approach is that you will certainly have enough space to put as many of them as you want. You will not be limited just to having small plants, but also to those that are bigger. The thing is that you should pay attention that the plants you have can sustain the conditions in your apartment.

It is the best way for you to do your research and find the ones that complement the conditions you can offer them with. You can be sure that putting the plants on useless stairs will provide your apartment with a whole new outlook. Not only that, the space will be much more pleasant for you to spend your free time there. Not to mention that you can always look for plants that meet your preferences.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, inside gardening is possible, even when you are in an apartment that doesn’t offer you a lot of space. Here, you can take a look at a couple of tips on how to do just that. We are certain you will find them useful.