Average Weight
Average Weight

#7 Tips To Mantain Average Weight & Say Goodbye To Overweight

Are you one of them who are dealing with gaining weight issues and want to get rid of this common challenge? Yeah! Today every third person are fighting with the fat problem due to their eating behaviour and lifestyle. So, today, I will reveal some practical tips on your screen that can assist you to enhance your personality by reducing weight and be a slim just like a beautiful celebrity or not less than a star.

Predominantly, don’t underestimate the reasons behind average weight gain because it might be possible for you that you may tackle the significant root of gaining weight. You must know overeating is driven by hormones and genetics, which are various biological factors of gaining weight. Although,  It is possible for the struggling individuals to maintain average weight and overcome from the genetical demerits by makeover your lifestyle and eating behaviour that required precautionary measures, determinant, dedication and perseverance.

Thus, I look forward to some influencer tips if you want to lose the increasing pulp that usually makes you disappointed in front of mirror and others as well.

Average Weight
Average Weight

Reduce Screen Time

We all know the value of technology in the form of recreational activities in our life and t.v is also one of them. I want to recommend you to create reluctant to spend more time in front of screens. I am not talking about to avoid or prohibit them as I know they are providing invaluable knowledge and entertainment to us. But try to manage your timetable for watching your favourite characters and spend your spare time in physical activities instead of watching T.V, Ipads, mobiles, playing video games and other personal gadgets.


Exercise is the most effective weapon to treat any disease if you are regular on that. As a fitness lover, T want to emphasise on an inspiring story of my friend. Ones he became a victim of high blood pressure due to overweight and needed treatment in the right way. But he focuses on one thing to do exercise at dawn and dusk. He used to run every day and prefer to drink plenty of mineral water in high quantity instead of artificial chemical beverages. Finally, he made fit himself.

Thus, you may also apply the same in your life. Just try to make habitual your body to do physical activities like playing football, running, cycling to school, and other things that can all make a significant difference. Furthermore, increase the intensity of your work and some strength exercise that build your muscles strong if you want to burn your calories.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

You must add some raw veggies like spinach, cucumber, carrot in your meals or eat more salad, which is more than just vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they’re packed with more fibre and plant chemical which will fill you up and increase more efficiency to fight with overweight. In addition to it, a high diet in green veggies and fruit can help you to protect against heart diseases, cancer, blood sugar and fat.

Make Notes Regarding Your Meals

Yeah, it is the right way to measure your calories you are consuming each day. Thus, be habitual of writing a diary regularly that what you have eaten. Do that for one week and measure the amount on the last day of the week, follow the same formula for at least one month. And try to figure out why are you consuming much less or much more on that day. This helps you to recognise triggers that cause you to overweight.

Determine Calories You Need Daily

Your calories depend upon your gender, age and physical activities. Make sure to use dairy for physical activities to determine which category you fall. Active, sedentary, moderately intense.

  • Use an online calculator which will allow you to estimate the daily calories you have to need to consume, for instance, and you can go for a table in the dietary guidelines launched by the U.S government.  
  • If you didn’t find any change in overweight despite using the estimate, then feel free to adjust downward by 200 calories till you find the right balance of calories you need to consume.

Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

The easiest way to maintain your body pulp is to measure your mass index by using an online chart. Remember one thing that your BMI looks at your measured percentage of body fat than your average weight.  If your body mass is too low or too high, then focus on your eating habits and exercise as well to reduce or gain your weight or instead maintain your average weight.

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Doctors recommend taking breakfast freely because it kick starts your metabolism, helps to burn calories that fill up your body & brain with more efficiency for an excellent performance during the day. Moreover, people who reluctant to take breakfast often feel hungry and eat more later on. Ultimately, they get more calories than breakfast if they ate, which tend to have BMIs. Thus, breakfast makes us a great fighter to fight with unwanted overweight.

Final words

At last but not least, I tried to give better and useful tips that you can apply to reduce your overweight but make sure you will be regular to get it. I hope it may prove fruitful to you. Still, if you have any query then let me know in the comment section, I am here to solve it by my kind heart.  

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