6 Pros and Cons of Using Unorthodox Gambling Strategies – 2024 Guide

Many people are going to the casino to have fun regardless of the amount of money they lose. Scoring a win from time to time makes them perfectly content. Others take gambling seriously by working hard to figure out different strategies and tactics. The Internet is full of advice, opinions, and of course, lucky charms that are going to bring you great luck for sure. Now, back to reality. There are a few strategies that professional gamblers swear upon to be successful, so let’s break down each and see if there’s any truth to the tales.

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Martingale betting system


It’s a rather simple betting system based on the presumption that you cannot lose all the time. The statement makes sense and is certainly true if you have the access to an unlimited amount of money so that you can eventually win.

Just playing indefinitely wouldn’t be enough, but rather every time you lose you should double the wager and keep on rolling. That way, once you do win, you will be able to collect everything you lost plus a little extra. On the other hand, when you lose – decrease the betting. When you break it down like this it seems like it’s foolproof. Still, there are pros and cons to this strategy.

The pros

  • The most obvious advantage is that eventually you will make up for your loss plus earn a bit over, assuming that you have an infinite supply of cash. All you need to do is simply double the bets every time you lose. In case you win, start putting smaller bets. The system is super-popular for centuries now due to its simplicity.
  • If you’re looking to play for a few hours, this could be a good tactic. If the strategy is true, you should be able to get your money back in a short time. Check out the VillenVinkit website and try out the Martingale system with plenty of online casinos to choose from.
  • It’s good for beginners as well as pro gamblers. The newbie will most likely go straight for the slot machines since they are pretty simple to play and don’t require a whole lot of money. After probably losing on the slots, it’s time to sharpen your game with some roulette, or even better – poker. Here is where they can implement an easy Martingale system and hopefully return their luck around. Pros, on the other hand, who like to play for hours on end have a decent chance of breaking even plus the additional winnings. Putting to work the Martingale system they practically cannot lose if they play long enough.

The cons

As with every tactic, this one has its flaws. Some of them you might be able to avoid while with others you’re going to have to admit that you’ve been outplayed.

  • Casinos like to win, and they usually do. It seems like they are always one step ahead with all the tactics and security systems. Remember that they are not built for us to make money, the casinos are there so that they can make a profit, just like any other enterprise. So, to put a stop to players using the Martingale system the management of many online casinos put a limit on how much money you can spend on table games and slots. By putting a cap on the betting casinos ensured that you might not be able to end your losing streak and get to that one winning hand. This way, all the money will stay in the casino, and you’re going to be left with a wiped bank account.
  • To gamble the Martingale style, you’re going to need a huge wallet or almost unlimited credit line. Every next bet you place has to be bigger than the previous one, so this can empty your account very fast. To hit that winning hand, it usually takes a while during which you’ll have to be able to place more and more bets since the system works only if you have enough funds to finally get it. Here, we’re probably talking thousands, not hundreds of dollars, so prepare accordingly.
  • If you got trapped in the losing loop, chances are you’re just going to continue to lose more and more money. Gambling for a few hours would be just the right amount of time and hopefully win during that period. Everything more than that is going to bury you deeper in debt. So, you should give it a shot, if you’re not winning, cut your losses and leave. It’s a simple system of damage control.

The reverse Martingale betting system


Obviously, this one came from the players who tried out the original and concluded that actually the opposite works better. If you’re experiencing the losing series, bet less, in order to lose less. On the other hand, if you’re on the winning streak bet more and more money with each coming hand, to win more and hopefully make up for the previous losses.

To play this system you might have to dedicate a lot of time since the winning or losing periods can last a long time. Losing almost always takes hours, so make sure that you stay long enough to reverse the luck and then spend a considerable amount of time to regain the losses and win some extra dough.

Again, like with the original system, you’re going to need a lot of cash to get yourself out of the hole. This is something that pros do, not the people who are looking to have some fun and maybe win a couple of bucks. High-rollers usually have unlimited credits from the casinos or have fat bank accounts, so they can play away and try out different tactics.

One of the most important things in gambling, and the reason why many people go broke in a short period of time, is because they don’t know when to stop. Self-control is the virtue you have to possess if you’re looking to make some money gambling. Otherwise, stay at the sidelines and throw in a coin or two in the slots, or just enjoy your free drink watching the professionals.