Umbrella Academy Season 2
Umbrella Academy Season 2

Umbrella Academy Season 2: Official Release Date Announced?

Right now, Netflix is betting big on the shows that are gaining popularity among the audience. Many popular Netflix shows are expecting new seasons, and The Umbrella Academy is one of them. It appears that the show is giving fierce competition to Marvel’s Defenders.

There are many questions that fans are asking – Has the filming of season 2 started? When will we see it on Netflix? What’s going to be the cast of next season?

If you are curious about the current status of the show, why not read the article to find out the available information?

The season first of The Umbrella Academy was published on Netflix, the show’s based on a comic book series written by Gerard Way, most people know him as the member of My Chemical Romance.

He started to conceptualize stories for comics while touring with the band. And that’s how the universe of The Umbrella Academy was formed. The first issue was published in 2007.

Well-known illustrator Gabriel Ba was the man behind the designs and looks of the comic series. The comics received appreciation from the fans and critics. That’s why The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is a demand that Netflix will have to fulfill for the audience.

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Umbrella Academy Season 2 – Who, What and When

As our sources have confirmed that the production of season two has completed sometime around November 2019. Since the filming was completed, it was expected of them to release the next season in the summers.

However, it appears that the recent global outbreak of COVID – 19 has affected the post-production of the show and delayed the official release for the upcoming future.

Fans should note that no one from Netflix or associated with The Umbrella Academy has declared any news regarding the launch of next season. No need to believe the rumors regarding the release.

Once we get the hold of any official source, we will inform our readers, until then you can re-watch the show or find something else for entertainment, as you will never run out of content to watch on Netflix.

Not only that, Netflix hasn’t dropped a teaser or trailer of the next season. The only thing we have seen so far is a couple of posters on Twitter.

Cast: Who is Going to Be in Season 2?

We know that you are eagerly waiting to know who’s going to be in this new season. Netflix hasn’t released a trailer, but it would be safe to assume that we will see all the previous cast members in The Umbrella Academy season 2 as well. Following are the members of season one:

  • Ellen Page, playing Vanya Hargreeves / Number Seven
  • Robert Sheehan, playing Klaus Hargreeves / Number Four
  • Tom Hopper, playing Luther Hargreeves / Number One / Spaceboy
  • David Castaneda, playing Diego Hargreeves / Number Two
  • Aidan Gallagher, playing Number Five
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman, playing Allison Hargreeves / Number Three
  • Justin H. Min, playing Ben Hargreeves / Number Six

Plot: What Might Happen in Umbrella Academy Season 2?

After escaping the apocalypse, the siblings are turned into teenagers and sent back into time with the superpower of Number Five. Now that they are back in the time, they have time to prepare to fight the future.

We can expect a union between the team members as they need each other to save the world.

Now that the crew knows about Number Seven, aka Vanya, they can train her to join the team. If everything goes fine in the past, Dr. Hargreeves doesn’t have to commit suicide.

If you ask us, we think the next season will likely involve a story arc around Hotel Oblivion. The Hotel Oblivion is a prison of the most brutal villains arrested by The Umbrella Academy, Doctor himself created the prison.

The dangerous villain Doctor Terminal also resides in prison, who is a significant threat to humanity. This plot is going to be most likely around the Hotel Oblivion if the show remains true to the comics.

We hope that the creators would not diverge from the source material of the show.

Final Word

The show has received a good response from the audience; the current time of quarantine was perfect for those who are sitting inside the home and expecting the next season of The Umbrella Academy. However, that wish appears not to come true soon, at least.

We keep you updated as soon as we know something from the official source. Till then, stay at home, take care, and share our article with friends and family to inform them about the current status of season 2.