Let’s Go: Traveling And Adventure Starter Guide

Almost each and every one of us has had the desire to go on an adventure and travel across the globe. Some folks like to see historical landmarks, such as the Giza Pyramids, China’s Great Wall, ancient Greek ruins, and so on. Some people might prefer to only gaze at the beauty of nature. For others, hiking and getting to new places is the name of the game. But no matter what you do, you still have to prepare before going on such an adventure. Our guide today will help you get packed before you flash out that passport.

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Pick an easy place


If you are a novice adventurer or traveler, it would be wise to pick a simple destination. After all, some places are more challenging than others. You might want to reconsider if you desire to go to, say, Bouvet Island or Mount Everest. But if you wish to go there on your first run, we will not judge.

Consider your phone plan

It can get rough if your phone is locked and you are in a foreign country. Your travel plans might become limited. But that is not the case for an unlocked phone. An unlocked phone can utilize SIM cards from all around. So, as a solution, you can use local SIM cards for your phone as you navigate the place. Forget using overpriced phone plans from big companies.

Be smart with luggage

Do you need to bring a suitcase full of fancy clothes? Perhaps not if you plan to hike in a forest for the next couple of weeks. Drop the irrelevant things for your travel. You will not worry about a heavy bag once you do. Bring with you only what is essential, such as a camera, a guidebook, hygiene items, and so on. Then again, it might not be the same if you plan to go skiing. Skiing requires a big suitcase or two.

Cloud storage for backup


It can be frustrating if you lose your camera and a month’s worth of adventure photos. So what you can do is prepare Cloud storage where you can store your digital files no matter where you go. Cloud storage is available online. Tons of sites offer them, and if you get lucky, you will not have to pay a cent for such a service.

Hostels are nice

A lot of people would rather spend the night on a public bench than stay in a hostel. They believe that hostels are these gross, inappropriate, and run-down facilities that movie psychopaths and serial killers love. However, that claim is far from reality. Hostels are a decent choice for temporary shelter, and it will not kill you to stay for a night or two. There are even five-star hostels that exist. Check them online, and you might even find one near your location.

Hotel for the win

If a hostel is not your cup of tea, then why not stay in a standard hotel? Placing a reservation will only take a couple of minutes. In addition, some hotels have other recreational facilities others might not, such as swimming pools for kids, tennis courts, and so much more. Once you get there, you can relax and plan as you please.

Prepare the gear


Traveling and adventure mean having the right equipment and gear. You can have motorbikes, bicycles, and off-road vehicles for land trekking. Surfboards, scuba gear, and boats are for water-related activities. The neat thing about getting your hands on them is that they are available online. You will not find any shortage of sites and links that will cater to your needs such as

Secure your electronic gadgets

Laptops, cameras, and mobile phones are relatively easy to replace. However, that is not the same when it comes to personal data. Once you lose your gadget, individuals might crack them and gain access to your personal information. The worse case is that they will use the information for illegitimate deeds. You do not want to spend some time in court for things you have not done. So, what you can do is secure your phones and laptops with a security system. Do not stick to swipe codes on your phone. Better opt for numbers and unique passcodes.

Never be flashy

Traveling and adventure does not mean you have to be fancy in terms of clothes and gear. You do not want that precious Gucci bag or high-end Canon camera attracting undesired attention. It is paramount that you stay humble and simple. Pick casual clothing and sweaters. Also, you must choose clothing and gear that are appropriate for the situation.

Leave work behind


For some people, work can never be left at home. Checking whether your inbox might have a work-related email once in a while can ruin the mood. Our word of advice? Leave your work behind. You are here to enjoy the experience, right?

Don’t panic

First-time travelers often panic once they get lost in a random and unfamiliar street. But you have to stay calm in such a situation. That exit is just right around the bend. You can also use your phone to contact a friend or family member that might be nearby. In addition, you can ask locals around. A lot of them will be more than willing to lend a traveler a hand.

Have fun

Travelers sometimes end up getting stressed rather than having fun on their first adventure or travel. So we suggest that you take things easy and have fun. Take in the local atmosphere, and enjoy every twist and turn.

The Takeaway

It can be exciting to travel and have an adventure like no other. So, you have to take the necessary steps and prepare all you can for that to happen. However, you should not overthink while you get ready for that big adventure. It will end up nasty and can ruin the experience even before you begin. Now good luck out there, and have fun!