5 Travel Tips to Save Hundreds When Booking Your Next Cruise

They say that you should never save on your travel. It is an experience that’s worth every penny. While we agree to an extent, as memories we create during travels have no price, there are spots where you can save a few dollars. Of course, if you have a desire for a few expensive cocktails, why not? Spending time and money at a blackjack table in a Caribbean resort is fine too. James Bond does it. It is all great. But if the cruise is your next desired vacation, you need to be a little bit more financially responsible.

Cruises are a great way to spend holidays. But, they can last long. You’ll be spending time on a boat, visiting more than a few interesting locations. It can get expensive. So, what can you do? Well, you can save up in the first stage of your vacation only to have more to spend later. This would be a vise approach to this issue. You’re interested, right? The question that remains is how to do it. Don’t worry, with our help you can do it as easily as ever before.

So, what should you do? Well, there are two steps we can recommend that will make any journey involving cruising much more enjoyable and affordable. First, you need to find a reliable booking partner, and checks all the marks. The second thing you need to do is to read these five travel tips to save hundreds when booking your next cruise. Yes, it’s that simple. A little bit of reading and communicating with the right people and you’ll be set to go on your next cruise in no time. Here’s what you should do.

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1. Deals and Promotions


It is hard to save money these days if you buy everything at the initial price. Yes, seeing the cruise of your life offered at a travel agency and buying the arrangement straight away is great. Maybe you can even afford it from the get-go. But, you won’t save any money that way. In fact, you’ll be overpaying. When booking any travel, and cruises are the bigger part of the equation, you need to look out for various deals and promotions coming your way. This is how you get the best deal possible. A good deal and promotion don’t include only a lowered price. No, the price might even remain the same. What you could receive with the right deal is better accommodation, crew perks, or free items when you’re already on board. As you probably know, the best offers come at the last minute. While not everyone can get their hands on these, if you’re a little bit more flexible with your schedule you could save a lot by finding the right deal at the last minute. It’s how it’s done.

2. Play The Wait Game

Patience is a great trait. People who have it know it. Become one of those people. Find the right cruise. Don’t succumb to pressure and book it right away. No. Instead, wait. Wait till the date of the sail. Yes, the waiting game is hard. This way you could miss out on your dream cruise, but the saving you’ll make if you hit the jackpot will be worth it. Now, we’re not talking about waiting for the last day. We’re not that irresponsible. Cruise dates are set months in advance. So, what you need to do is to wait for one-month before departure or even a few weeks. It all depends on how serious you are about playing this game. In case someone cancels their reservation you might even get luxury seats for half the price. Of course, you’re ruining the risk of getting whatever’s left, but in any case, you’ll be having a discount. Do you know how Macklemore puts it – one man’s trash?

3. Book in Advance


Reverse psychology? You could say so. We told you to wait, and now we’re telling you to rush? There are advantages to both approaches. You’ll soon see how. When you’re late to the party, you’re still welcome, right? But, what if you’re the first guest? The icebreaker! That’s right. There are deals and promotions tied to being one of the first people who will make a reservation. Booking in advance can be a great way to save money. In hindsight, considering the climate of the world today, if you pay early, due to inflation you’ll be probably paying way less than those who book their cruise later on. Yes, the wait could be long in case you book your travel 10 months or even a year in advance. But, the sweet wait will be worth it, especially if you book it at a premium price.

4. Pick The Inside Rooms

Cruise ships have thousands of rooms. Most people desire to have a balcony or at least a window. Yes, these are great perks, we can’t argue that. But, are they necessary? No, by all means, no. You can rent one of the inside rooms that offer no view. After all, you’ll be spending most of your time on the deck, and in the places where the ship will dock. A room with a balcony is a luxury. You can save in this department and leave money on the side to spend elsewhere. This is one of the best ways to save in advance without having to chase any discounts or play the waiting game.

5. Cruise in Off-Season


Even the off-season is the season. There are times when cruising is at its peak during the year. That’s when the prices skyrocket. You need to avoid the peak. That’s one of the ways to go around this issue. Booking a cruise that is in the off-season is cheaper from the start. With some waiting or booking in advance, you can get fair prices. Furthermore, if you pick one of the cruises close to home you could hit a double jackpot. All you need is to defeat yourself a little bit and change the date of your holidays. Remember, it’s always summer in the Caribbean.