Top Netflix Streaming Picks in 2024, Plus a Few Handy Tips

Ah Netflix, the popular streaming service has been our friend throughout the pandemic. Not to mention all those times when the news was simply too much to handle. From new release movies to in-depth documentaries and everything in between, Netflix remains one of the world’s favorite streaming platforms and has oodles of great content.

But are you getting the most out of your subscription? Here, we go over some of the best Netflix tips in 2024 so you can get more bang for your buck. Whether it’s unlocking content that never shows on your home page via the use of secret codes or watching a show simultaneously with your socially distanced friends, there’s sure to be a tip you’ll love.

Before we get stuck into the tips themselves, though, let’s take a look at some of the movies and shows hitting your screen in 2024.

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What To Watch on Netflix in 2024

Keep an eye out for these awesome options!

Buried by the Bernards – Series, February

Funeral homes seem to be having a moment on streaming services. After the success of the New Zealand based show, The Casketeers, which follows a quirky family’s funeral business, Netflix has decided to create a new version, this time with an American family.

Buried by the Bernards is eminently off-beat, features more than a fair share of dark humor, and hits just the right amount of feels to reel reality TV lovers in. Plus, it’s fair to say that the Bernards do funerals rather unlike others. A must-watch.

Sky Rojo – Series, March

Are you distraught that Money Heist is in its final season? If so, Sky Rojo, which is due to land on our screen in March, just might help fill the void. From the same creators as Money Heist, Sky Rojo promises adventure, high-stakes, and a fair amount of chicanery as three women give their former pimp and his henchmen the runaround.

Don’t Look Up – Movie, TBC

Brought to you by Adam McKay’s of Anchorman and The Big Short fame, Don’t Look Up is definitely a film to look out for in 2024. Not least because of the star-studded cast featuring big names such as Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and Chris Evans. And leading the pack are Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, playing astronomers tasked with telling the public that earth is on a collision course with a dangerous comet.

At the time of writing, Don’t Look Up hasn’t got a set release date, so just keep your eyes peeled for this blockbuster.

Into the Deep – Documentary, TBC

When filmmaker Emma Sullivan first started profiling the Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, in 2016 she had no idea the turn things were about to take. The hotly anticipated documentary’s subject matter takes a rather dark turn instead after Peter Madsen murdered the Swedish journalist Kimm Wall on a submarine.

Nitty, gritty, and not for the easily queasy, Into the Deep will fascinate true-crime lovers worldwide — and make them wonder whether going in a submarine is really such a fun thing to do.

Now that you’ve got 2024’s hottest upcoming picks on your mental to-watch list, let’s take a closer look at our top Netflix tips.

Top Netflix Tips for 2024

Supercharge your streaming experience with these handy hacks!

Watch ALL the content from all over the world


One annoying thing about all streaming services is that they make liberal use of geo-blocking functionality. So if you’re in Australia, for example, the content available to you is different from what’s available to a viewer in the United States, and vice versa.

Geo-blocking also means you might have to wait a while to see the latest releases if they don’t play in your home country’s Netflix. Thankfully, there are ways to mask your IP address (a unique digital signifier that indicates your device’s physical location) and appear as if you’re “located” anywhere in the world.

With a Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short), you can self-select which country your IP address will come from. In turn, you can watch foreign Netflix to your heart’s content. Just switch on your VPN and select a server location before you open your Netflix account.

For more information on what a VPN is and what it does, visit here.

Discover more than what your home page offers with codes

While your home page is designed to suit you perfectly, there may be times when you get bored of all the content the streaming service’s algorithm thinks you should watch. To break out of your bubble and start diversifying your viewing options, try secret codes.

Okay, they are not exactly a secret, but plenty of people don’t know that they can unlock literally thousands of movies and shows from the back catalog. There are over 3,000 genre codes so don’t blame us if you fall into a Netflix wormhole!

To use a code, type the following address into your browser’s search bar: and substitute the Xs with the correct code.

Get social even while distanced

Ever tried to simultaneously watch a movie with a friend overseas? If so, you’ll know that it’s near impossible to get the show perfectly in sync, and latency means one of you will always be behind. Not to mention, it’s super annoying trying to talk to your friend over the phone while you’re both watching and hearing the same movie playing in the background three seconds behind yours.

Netflix Party solves this dilemma. Download the handy browser extension and you can watch a movie or series at exactly the same time as your friends — whether they’re in the next town over or five countries away. Plus, a handy sidebar chat feature makes it easy to communicate.

Ready for another cracking year of Netflix? Us too. Follow our tips above to get more bang for your subscription buck and don’t forget to keep an eye out for 2024’s latest movies and shows.