How to Start Career of Online Casino Streamer

We’ve all seen casino streamers win big and reach thousands of viewers every day, streaming has become a new form of entertainment for many, as well as a source of inspirations for many others, gamers of all kind as well as influencers have used streaming platforms in recent years to interact with their audience.

Some of us even dream of one day becoming as popular as them. Not sure where to start? We in addition to BetFury will give you 6 tips to get started as a casino streamer on Twitch or any other platform. Follow these steps so you have a clear idea on how to start your journey into starship on streaming platforms.

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Start building your community before you hit the casinos


Online casinos partner with streamers to make themselves known, this is a common practice among companies that offer services online that can be catchy for stream viewers. If you are starting from scratch and don’t have a community yet, they won’t want to give you free bonuses. By partnering with a Twitch streamer, they hope to attract new players to their casino.

To receive wagers and other bonuses from casinos, you need to have a community. We recommend posting your growth or deposit bonus session on their Twitch channel, participate in other’s streams, and show all that charisma you have to people. This way, other people will find you and you’ll start building an audience. Once you have a few hundred followers, you can start contacting casinos. Remember that streaming is all about directing attention to yourself, try to make the viewers be interested, find your character at play, develop their relationship with your viewers and encourage them to share you with others.

Choose your casinos carefully

One very important thing when starting out as a casino streamer is choosing casinos. In a small community, it is counterproductive to contact a very well-known Tier 1 casino. Why is this? The larger casino streamers already have many players connected to their sites, which makes it difficult for smaller streamers to attract new players.

You might be asking yourself what to do then. The answer is simple, instead of contacting the most well-known casinos, choose lesser known (but still trustworthy) casinos. Since they are not well known, it is easier to attract new players. You can look online for new casinos that match your security parameters and are not that known to the public and then contact them, show tem your proposal and try to get their attention, if you have already built your community this shouldn’t be an issue.

Learn to control your bankroll


It is very important to control your bankroll and know your limits when playing at a casino, this advice is not necessarily only if you’re going to start a streaming career. Betting in general is something you shouldn’t take lightly and setting limits and boundaries with your budget for casinos is a top 1 priority all of the time. This is especially true if you are a trigger-happy person. In fact, small streamers often receive deposit bonuses instead of free games when they start working with casinos.

This implies making a deposit and receiving a 200 or 300% bonus on top of your deposit, with a wager to match. If you would like your streams to last without overspending, you can see why bankroll management is so critical. Having control over how you use your money for gaming will determine if you will have a long and interesting streaming session or will just be a fast burning star in the industry. Of course, the offers you want to find are the ones where you are getting a free bet.

Read and check online for guides like “Managing Your Money at the Online Casino: Learn to Play Smarter” to learn how to properly manage your bankroll. Many online websites can provide a lot of information if you want to seriously start in the casino streaming world.

Be honest and open with those around you

If you want to continue being a Twitch streamer, we recommend being completely honest and open with your community. Don’t say you can take back all your credits if you can’t. If asked, tell us how the casino pays you (Revshare, CPA, hybrid).

If you lie to your viewers, you look like a streamer who doesn’t care about his community. It also gives you a bad reputation. Trust us, you don’t want that kind of reputation when you start posting casino games.

Don’t put all your savings in the bank


That would be like going all-in at the blackjack table right after making a deposit. Not a very wise decision, is it? The quality of the stream is obviously important to your viewers, but you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry. It would be too risky to bet all your savings on a stream without being sure you can build a community.

Take one step at a time. You don’t need the most expensive microphone and webcam for a quality broadcast. When you start making money from your streams, it’s time to invest in them.

Give back to the community

Every member of your community is valuable. Never forget that, building a strong relationship with your community is key to becoming a successful streamer. One action that can help you retain your viewers and attract new ones is to give them gifts and giveaways, organize contests with your community, be kind to them and also be patient when things aren’t going your way. This is a great way to give back to your community and thank them for participating in your streams.

It can also help you grow and expand your social media community if you choose to run contests there. Maybe studying a little bit of community management will give you a clue on how to start using your social media in your favor. You have to stay active and show your interest in keeping bringing joy to your fans.