3 Reasons Stanley Cup is the Most Exciting Playoff Ever

If you love NHL, then we can already guess what Stanley Cup means for you. It is known as The Holy Grail of hockey, and every year, it is a prize that every player hopes to win after participating in the two-month-long NHL tournament.

According to players, teams, and even experts, Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy to win in all sports. Even though FIFA, NBA, ICC WorldCup, and Super Bowl have their thrill, they can exhilarate other players and fans.

But there is something about the Stanley Cup that makes it the most exciting and unpredictable of them all. We are discussing why Stanley Cup is the most exciting playoff ever. Want to know what those are? Continue reading.

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Stanley Cup and The Influence on The Betting Industry


The Stanley Cup is by far the most unpredictable of all. It keeps the fans and players on their toes for two months, making strides in the betting industry, land and online. And there is something about the excitement and thrill of the Stanley Cup that allows fans to make such cherishing moments they remember for the rest of their lives.

From one game to the next, people can’t determine what will happen or the tables will turn on the other team from one game to the next. Even fan-favorite teams can lose in NHL playoffs, and those underdogs can leap.

Stanley Cup is also known for generating tremendous revenue in the betting industry. Millions are generated through wagers, and with online betting making strides, this amount is said to multiply yearly. Professional and seasoned bettors can’t wait for the playoffs to begin yearly.

Last month, a bettor wagered $100,000 for Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup against +375 odds. This should make you understand the excitement and thrill this championship creates among its fans.

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3 Reasons Stanley Cup is the Most Exciting Playoff Ever


When it comes to Stanley Cup, you will always have reasons why it is the most exciting playoff in all sports. However, we have enlisted three, which should give you some idea.

1. The Unpredictable Nature

The first thing that makes Stanley Cup so exciting is that you never know what will happen in the game. Every team has a chance of winning, and the fact that you cannot predict anything from the first game to the last keeps the fans on their toes.

Even if you look at the seedings, you will realize they are nothing more than determining the home ice advantage. If you look back at the playoffs since the 1990s, you will see the no 8 seed has beaten the no 1 seed more than 10 times.

Now, compare this to the NBA, and you will see the same thing has happened only a few times. Similarly, the no 7 seed has also beaten the no 2 seed more than a few times, and the same can be said for the no 6 seed beating the no 3 seed.

Go back and look at what the bookies predicted and how the games were unrolled. The unpredictability of the Stanley Cup will become all the more evident to you.

2. A New Hero


Another thing that makes Stanley Cup exciting as ever is the fact that anyone can win. You can never determine the winner of a game before the playoffs begin because we see new talents rising on the horizon every time.

We know you will probably think this also happens in FIFA, considering how Saudia Arab and Morocco played in the 2022 World Cup. However, this is an unlikely situation in other sports and doesn’t happen too often, whereas, in Stanley Cup, it’s like an annual thing.

In 2009, Maxime Talbot helped win Pittsburgh against Detroit in 17 years, even though he had never scored 20 goals in previous seasons. Similarly, when Joel Ward led the Capitals to win against the defending champions, i.e., Bruins, in 2009 was another out-of-the-blue situation that fans saw.

Michael Rupp performed impeccably in 2003, even though he hadn’t played any games in years due to an injury. But during the NHL, he scored only one goal in a single game that helped Devils turn the game on Mighty Ducks in a historic win.

This should tell you that there are no said heroes in Stanley Cup. Every year, you will see a new talent rise.

3. Impeccable Crowd


While you will see people supporting their favorite teams, one thing common among all the spectators is they are cheering for the home crowd. The scenes and crowd cheering at a Stanley Cup are unlike anything you have seen.

And when it comes to the original franchises of the Stanley Cup, such as the Bruins, Blackhawks, Canadiens, Red Wings, Rangers, and Maple Leafs, the crowd’s cheer is incomprehensible.

The excitement and the energy of the Stanley Cup are something to experience at least once in a lifetime. The way the crowd shows up for these games just puts everyone on edge, making it one of the most exciting playoffs ever.

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Final Thoughts


So, this is everything we wanted you to know about the Stanley Cup and why it is the most exciting of all sports. Millions are wagered every year on this tournament, bringing people together from around the globe.

Whether you live in Canada or somewhere else, enjoying NHL and betting online should be on your list if you’re a seasoned bettor. Sign up at some of the most exciting and feature driven sportsbooks of all time and enjoy betting from the comfort of your home.