Sports Betting Advice, Tips & Tricks – How to Find the Best Bets

With the advancement of technology, sports betting has emerged successfully, and currently, it is dominating the entertaining platform globally. However, gambling is prohibited in some countries, but excluding them also shows that the gambling industry has a big market. Most sports lover place the bet to earn good money; a few succeed, and some fails.

Do you know why some lose the bet despite having good knowledge of sports?

Well, the answer is very simple, sports betting has its own principles and mostly relies on mathematics, deep research, and little support from luck. So, if you are taking part in sports betting, you must know some tips and tricks to win the bet, and this article covers everything.

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What is Value and Its Importance in Sports Betting?

Most of the bettors place the bet on outcome based on their thinking capacity, they won’t go for the basic mathematics. This is the primary reason why such bettors lose the game.

So, to win the sports betting game, you must understand the Value term and its significance in this industry.


A Value is a term that shows your betting prediction, and it is of two types, positive and negative. Now, let us understand this concept with an example; suppose there are two soccer teams, Argentina and Brazil. Everyone knows one team will be the winner, and the winning probability of each team will be 50%. Before placing a bet on the team, you will find the exciting odds set by the sportsbook; for instance, the same for Argentina and Brazil are 3.0 and 1.5, respectively. The odds show that for a spend of $10 wage, you will get $30 after winning, and if you lose, you will have to bear a loss of $15.

Now, coming back to the point, you are familiar with the actual probability, and it’s time to know implied probability, and it is just the ratio of odds. In the above example, the odds for Argentina were 3.0, so the implied probability will be 1/3.0, which will result in 0.33, and converting to percent will fetch the output as 33%. Similarly, for Brazil, the implied probability will be 1/1.5, which will be equal to 66.67%.

Here you can notice that the actual probability of Argentina (50%) is more than the implied probability (33%) which means the value is positive. Similarly, for Brazil, the actual probability (50%) is less than the implied probability (66.67%), which shows the value is negative. Here, you need to place the bet on the positive value, the higher one. You can practice these skills on Sbobet.

What to do when there is no positive value?

In sports betting, some situations will arise where you will find the value of both the team is negative. In that case, you should avoid betting on that particular sport and focus on the other one, where you are getting the positive value.

Furthermore, the bookmakers are also there to assist you, and even they will ask you to place a bet. But you should avoid such a trap because bookmakers are also running a business, and if you lose the game, the house will win.

Moneylines Method


In sports betting, the two teams are classified as Favorites and an Underdog; the former is the one who’s winning chance is high, and they are usually designated as minus symbols, such as -100, -300, etc. However, the latter one (underdog) is the one whose winning chance is low, and they are designated a plus symbol, such as +100, +200, etc.

When you bet on the favorite of -100, with the betting amount of $100, and if the team wins, you will get $50; if the team loses the game, you will lose $100. This is a simple method, and you can place the bet as per your need.

On the off chance, if you want to bet on an underdog having +200, with the betting amount of $100, you will get $200 if the team wins, and if the same loses the match, then also you will get the money, but the amount will be of $100.

Hunt for the Better Odds

Before placing the bet, you must compare the odds as you will get a good value against your stake. The best place to look for the odds is the online platform. Here, you will get ample websites that fetch comprehensive information on odds. Your job is to collect the data and tally the odds.

Never Stick on the single Bookmaker


In the betting system, you should never stick to the single bookie as in the market; you will find many companies offering lucrative offers as their main agenda is to earn profit from you. So, you should not fall into such a trap and always try to research the market properly and get the one bookmaker who can give you the best output against your bet.

Choose the Sport in which you have command

The best way to win a bet in sports betting is to select a sport, and you must go with the one in which you have a strong command. The prime reason is good knowledge, and the same will help you in the deep research of the teams, players’ performance, and others. Furthermore, you should also collect the information on the betting system and pattern used in the respective sport; it will help you to win the bet too.

Bottom Line

If you are a mere novice in the betting field, you must learn the betting system first and then go for the action. Before placing the bet, make sure to calculate the value section as this is an essential parameter of sports betting, especially in soccer. If you become a master on that, then your job is restricted to selecting the right odds, right bookmaker, and market research. Once you are done with essential homework, you can win huge money from sports betting. This way, you will feel that your luck is in your favor. Also, you can predict better and increase your chances of winning the games.