South America's Growing Online Casino Industry, Shaped by Technology and Culture

South America’s Growing Online Casino Industry, Shaped by Technology and Culture

South America is witnessing a shift in the online gaming market as more countries revise their gambling regulations to better accommodate the industry. These changes are being driven by the potential of increased revenue, which is currently being lost to offshore operations. Brazil’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) is predicted to reach $1.6 billion by 2026, while the broader South American betting market’s GGR is set to climb to $3.4 billion by 2025.

The key drivers of online casino growth in South America are the increasing popularity of online gaming and the technologies that ensure high-quality gaming experiences, adding a new dimension to online gaming. This article will take a closer look at  South America’s growing online casino industry.

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South American Countries: Online Casinos Legal Framework

South American Countries: Online Casinos Legal Framework

South America’s approach to online casinos, sportsbooks, and traditional gambling venues varies significantly from country to country. Each nation is influenced by its unique cultural, economic, and political factors. Let’s take a look at the legal landscapes of several LATM nations.

Brazil’s Gambling History and Trends

As the largest country in South America and one of the biggest globally, Brazil maintained a stringent prohibition on most gambling activities for over 70 years. Until the 2018 revision of its Gambling Law, Brazilians’ only legal gambling outlets were the state lottery and horse race betting. Poker, viewed as a game of skill, remained exempt from these bans.

The revelation that nearly half of the Brazilian population—48%, to be precise—regularly places bets on international websites spurred the government to reevaluate its gambling stance. While a law regarding integrated resorts has been tabled, the legalization of online casinos remains in discussion. Notably, as Brazil’s beloved sport, football captures the attention of 80% of the nation’s bettors.

Argentina’s Decentralized Online Casino Landscape

Argentina presents a unique case in the online casino world, with each of its 23 provinces, including the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, exercising the freedom to regulate its online gambling market. Among these regions, 14 have given the green light to sports betting, and a notable number have also embraced the idea of legal online casinos.

Players can find online casinos in Argentina at, which compiles and reviews the best online casinos available in this region. With the industry’s continuous evolution in Argentina, online casinos are in high demand.

Colombia: Latin America’s Pioneer in Online Gaming Legislation

Colombia: Latin America's Pioneer in Online Gaming Legislation

In 2012, the groundwork was laid by introducing a decree legalizing all forms of gambling. Just one year later, the official regulatory authority, Coljuegos, was founded, cementing the country’s commitment to a structured gambling landscape.

In 2016, Colombia made history by becoming the first Latin American country to formally legalize online gaming and sportsbooks. Since then, the country has seen tremendous growth in GGR, amounting to $300 million in 2021. The industry is estimated to generate an annual revenue of $2.4 billion.

Costa Rica and Panama: The Latin American Online Casino Powerhouses

Costa Rica and Panama have carved out a niche in the global online casino industry. These countries have become go-to destinations for online casino operations, courtesy of their attractive tax incentives and reasonable licensing protocols.

Interestingly, while these countries house numerous online casinos, they have a distinct condition: local residents are barred from using these platforms, with services exclusively targeted at an international clientele.

Online Casinos Industry Growth: Key Factors

Online Casinos Industry Growth: Key Factors

The demand for online gambling opportunities in South America has increased dramatically in the past few years following the growing popularity of iGaming sites worldwide. Beyond the changing regulatory landscape, many factors have contributed to this rapid growth, including the availability of high-speed internet, the ever-present mobile devices, and Latin Americans’ passion for sport.

Sporting Culture

South Americans are famous for their love of sports, especially football, and their desire to support local and national teams. That is why online sports betting sites are even more popular than casinos. Global football stars from the region have also greatly contributed to the game’s popularity.

High Rates of Internet Availability

The latest data show an average of 76% of internet penetration in South America, with 90% of the populations in Chile and Uruguay having access to broadband internet. With over 400 million internet users, the continent is a vast market for online casinos as players have unhindered website access.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Widespread internet availability has pushed operators towards mobile gaming and developing apps to support their platforms. Smartphone use in South America is predicted to reach 93% by 2030; consequently, 89% of the population in all Latin American countries possess a mobile phone. This widespread adoption of mobile technology in Latin America ensures users can access gaming sites anytime, anywhere.

Diverse Payment Options

Technological advancements have brought a change in the way players carry out online casino transactions. Traditional bank transfers have been replaced with mobile payments, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. All these transactions are instantaneous and enhance the overall gaming experience at online casinos.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and reflecting regional culture, the online casino industry in South America has embraced the potential of various cryptocurrencies, with five prominent options making waves in this dynamic market.

LATAM’s rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies has given users a safe, decentralized payment method, in line with the region’s growing preference for virtual money. In addition to being immediate, these payment options improve consumers’ overall gaming experiences at online casinos.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Better Gaming

Cutting-Edge Technology for Better Gaming

In Latin America, player security and safety rank high on the list of priorities. Online casinos have responded by integrating cutting-edge AI technologies. These advanced tools not only help in establishing and maintaining ultra-secure, user-friendly platforms, but they also protect these sites against potential cyberattacks and malicious activities.

This assures players of a trustworthy environment for their gaming sessions. Additionally, this top-tier technology enables online casinos to deeply analyze the behavior and preferences of Latin American players. Consequently, casinos can create promotions tailored to their tastes in games and sports betting, enhancing the gaming experience and drawing more players to their platforms.

Live Streaming and A Variety of Betting Markets

Sports betting fans value not just the range of sports and events a platform covers but also the diversity in betting choices. This includes features such as live betting and in-game wagering, both dependable on the platform’s ability to offer real-time event streaming. Given the huge popularity of football in Latin America, it’s crucial for betting sites to deliver complete coverage of matches with seamless streaming and expert commentary.

Final Thoughts

Online Casino Industry

The rise of South America’s online casino industry is an exciting blend of technology, culture, and regulatory shifts. With a deep-rooted passion for sports and rapid technological advancements, the continent is creating a dynamic digital gaming space. As the industry evolves, South America positions itself as a unique player in the global online casino arena.