Best 10 Songs About Florida to Add to Your Playlist

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, with many beaches, amusement locations, and plenty of options for recreation. Inspired by the sunny days and warm climate, many singers and musicians wrote songs about Florida.

And if you want to learn more about this shiny state, you need to add as many songs as possible to your playlist. They’re inspirational and entertaining, making you want to visit the state in order to attend some concerts or festivals. And surely, there are thousands of upcoming events, as seen on

If you want to add some of the most popular songs about Florida, here are some ideas:

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1. “If I Could Do It Again” by Corey Smith

If you love country songs inspired by summer and vacation, this one is the best to start with. Corey Smith is surely among the popular artists who love Florida. He shares a story of a college trip as an enjoyable experience in his life.

Talking about sunburns, affairs, and spending all the money, he surely catches the authentic feeling of being a part of the Florida summers. Even though you can’t find Corey’s name on the list of upcoming concerts in Florida, he often performs there, making this song pretty authentic.

2. “Gainesville” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“Gainesville” is an ode to Tom Petty’s hometown. He always spoke with love about Florida and the beautiful cities, which is why they were often part of the albums.

In this song, the lyrics are nostalgic, deep and emotional. It completely captures his affection for Gainesville and Florida as a whole. Well, if you want an authentic piece of music, this is what you need.

3. “St. Pete Florida Blues” by Ray Charles

Ray Charles is one of the most original singers of all time who perfectly combines jazz, blues, and gospel. He hails from Greenville, and that’s why Florida has often inspired his musical creations.

In the song “St. Pete Florida Blues,” he talks about teenage love, especially when he attended a school for the blind and deaf in St. Pete. Augustine.

4. “Miami” by Will Smith

There is probably no more inspirational song dedicated to Florida than Will Smith’s “Miami.” Released in 1997, this song marked the last years of the 90s with its infectious beat.

And most importantly, true fans of ’90s music can’t resist the beat of “Miami” even now in 2023, almost three decades after the song was released. That’s why it deserves to be on your playlist as soon as possible.

5. “Florida Boy” by Rick Ross ft. T-Pain and Kodak Black

These guys do a great job of capturing what life was like in Florida once upon a time. All three are already established musicians who truly respect their Sunshine State origins.

And in the video itself, they show how warm and bright life in this state is, paying respect to their childhood and past.

6. “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard

If you are a fan of emo-pop, then you already know this song. It got its title from a street in the city of Jacksonville, where the band members are from.

Of course, if you listen carefully, you will find even more places in the city mentioned in this song. Is there anything better than having “Ocean Avenue” on your favorite playlist?

7. “Florida Man” by Blue Oyster Cult

This is a humorous take on the media phenomenon of Florida Man, which is often part of the weird crime-related headlines. Satirically, the song also suggests a supernatural explanation for Florida Man’s behavior, claiming that the state has been cursed by the Seminole people.

And we must say, it’s pretty entertaining to listen to all those lyrics in such a catchy song, especially if you really find the ‘Florida Man’ headlines funny.

8. “The State of Florida” by Less Than Jake

This is another satirical song about Florida with a catchy rhythm and even catchier verse. The song’s lyrics describe the state’s sinking coastline, its overdevelopment, and its general sense of decline.

Still, it’s important to note that the band shares their experience of living in Florida. But they find it oppressive for them and want to move out and set their talent free. It’s a powerful song that proves that different people experience the Sunshine State differently, especially when they have big dreams.

9. “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys

The song is about the romantic island of Kokomo, near the coast of Florida. However, Kokomo is only a fictional place, but as the song describes its beauty and tranquility, we indeed want such a place to exist.

The song’s lyrics mention other real Caribbean islands, such as Aruba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. According to the people who love to decrypt lyrics, Kokomo is not just a physical place but more like a peace of mind or a place in the soul where everyone can find a wave of inner peace.

And surely, it received many awards, including a Grammy, for a song about a fictional place.

10. “Florida Kilos” by Lana Del Rey

This song is slightly darker than any other in this article. In “Florida Kilos,” Lana Del Rey sings about a couple who is part of a narco trade in Florida. The song’s lyrics describe the couple’s lifestyle, which is characterized by wealth, luxury, and excitement.

Still, there is a hidden danger that comes. Lana’s goal was to raise awareness about such complicated things happening in Florida that may affect the overall life quality there. It is a glamorous and dangerous song, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Now, you have ten songs with which to create a sunny playlist that will cheer you up in every moment of your life. We also believe that when you discover even more songs, you will want to visit a concert in Pensacola, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and many more.

Surely, all of these songs can lift your mood and inspire you to learn more about Florida’s rich music scene in both small and large cities.