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#5 Reasons Why I Stopped Watching Teen Moms

A popular Tv show that is running for several years, how it can stay away from any controversy. Well, one such show is TEEN MOMS. Do you watch this show? Well, from how long? Don’t want to reveal? Well, don’t worry as in this post I will tell you some weird facts about the show that you never knew.

Sounds Interesting? B.T.W., why it wouldn’t? Well, if you talk about the series, it depicts the stories of struggling teenage moms. However, some critics say that it idealizes teen pregnancy. Now, don’t get me wrong!!!….? I do agree with them. I have seen some teenage girls who intentionally get pregnant. Wondering Why? Just to look cool in front of others. It is one of the reasons why don’t like this show that much nowadays. Now, I will proceed with primary reasons why I quit playing the show.

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After reading the heading you might have already got an idea that how much money a Teen Mom earns in the show. Well, earning $5K to $10K per episodes is also one of the reasons why some teens are getting themselves pregnant. Overall, $350,000 earning in a season.


Do you think the Teen Mom show is real? Well, then don’t get offended when I say that you’re a fool. Imagine yourself, how it is possible to shoot for 24 hours a day & in the end, you get to see only 1-2 hours of footage. Thinking, I’m wrong? Well, if you’re still unable to understand what I’m trying to say from so long then I recommend you to replay the show. You will see that in the 1-2 hour show most of the content has drama….drama & drama. Besides, it isn’t possible for MTV to show the life of a real woman. How they get bored time to time in their daily lifestyle?.


Do you remember amber from the first 4 seasons of Teen Mom? Yess… Well, this is what she said, “I was completely lost back then,”. In 2014, when she was a guest on the show, she even went on to say Dr Phil that, “I had this money. I had these pills. I had this crazy life. I was fighting with Gary all the time. That was my way of getting my emotions out. Every time you see me on that show, I was high, except for when I was on 16 and Pregnant.”


Kailyn from the Season 2 of teen mom almost left the show midway. Want to know the reason? Well, she thought that in the show, she was portrayed as disloyal to her boyfriend— Jo Rivera. However, she stayed back in the show & soon became the most loved teen mom ever. Besides, now, I don’t care whether someone comes back or exits from the show?.


Till date, 27 out of 47 girls were from the show were from the Southern States, 5 were from Western states, & 9 girls were from midwestern states. I found all these stats a bit weird & fishy. What about you? Do let me know your point of view in the comment section given below.


To sum up, I would say that there’re some of the facts or reasons that made me quit watching the show. Although, I tried watching the show for my favourite stars but after finding how these types of shows are affecting our society said no to the show. That’s it for NOW. Do let us know your views via the comments section given below.