organic food
organic food

#6 Undeniable Reasons to Opt For Organic Food

Today, I present in front of you, a more stimulating conversation regarding your organic diet. Predominantly, I would like to ask you that are you an organic food lover?  If yes, then why? Do you know about the reason for consuming organic food! So, further, I want to give you a proper guidance about the benefits of going organic about how natural food contains a lot of value to make us healthier. Which will compel you to be a fan of organic diets?

Majority of individuals are concerned with their health due to a poor diet which compels them to lean towards low efficiency not from merely internally but also has lost their external personality. Thus, it is the primary reason why you must add organic food in your meals. After all, to keep the body in good health is your duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind loud and clear.

Organic food has gained popularity over the last two years. In fact, consumers of united states spent $39.1 billion on the production of organic in 2014. Interestingly, I also noticed a remarkable increment of 11% in (2014-2015) of organic consumers. A visible majority think that organic food is safer, healthier and tastier than regular food and also suitable for the environs and well being of animals. Because the farming practices produce organic food to use only natural substances by cast aside artificial chemicals, toxic fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics.

So, come forward with some strong reasons for applying this particular diet before taking any firm decision.

Organic is often rich in more nutrients

The foods which grown organically, contains more nutrients-minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes. The organics are grown by properly soil managed and nourished with substantial praxis by responsible standards. An experimental study demonstrated that organically grown veggies such as spinach, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes are rich in vitamins C. whereas the number of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables is not gifted with same nutrients.

According to the study (Download PDF File of Study), organically crops supply 21.1% more iron( as compared to other conventional counterparts), 13.7% more phosphorus, 27% rich with vitamins C, and provide  29% more magnesium.

Avoid GMO

Genetically modified organisms(GMO) usually a significant cause of contaminating and discolouration of your food supply at an alarming rate then turn into adverse repercussions in the form of weakness in health. For that reason, GMO foods do not have to label in the United States, and the idea is that genetically grown food is away from the genetically modified or contamination. Thus, opting a genetically produced food is solely the way to make sure that your food has been quite away from genetically engineered (GE).

Reduce Pollution and Protect Soil & Water

Using pesticides, artificial chemicals and fertilisers are major causes behind the defective environment, ruins the value of fertile farmland, contamination of water bodies. However, organically outturn is quite natural and at bay from these kinds of toxic chemicals in farming. Sadly, the planet (plants and animals) are almost on the verge of extinction moreover we do not have another world to move to. But, introducing with the organic harvest is not less than icing on the cake to save our beautiful planet. As protecting the priceless water from discolouration and contamination, using natural substances for the healthy growth of organic crops.

Organic farming supports pollinators

It is the most effective behaviour of organically grown fruits and vegetables. It protects the pollinators from dangerous herbicides and pesticides. Besides, maintaining biodiversity is the first responsibility of human nature, thus tend to grown organic food to maintain that necessary level of biodiversity.

Preserve agriculture diversity

Sadly, human activities hurt agricultural diversity and animal species due to utilising artificial chemicals. Moreover, conventional crops and burgeoning rise in agricultural research have caused irreversible damage to both flora and fauna, thus making it a matter of grave concern. A recent study showed that nearly 75% genetic diversity of agricultural harvest has been almost extinct in the last century.

Thus, it decides to grow organic fruits and vegetables by the unique method of crop rotation. Although rampant industrialisation produces just one crop instead of an array of plants on the land. But crop rotation is quite an effective formula used in organic vegetables to decline the need of using herbicides and pesticides or other toxins and tend to improve the soil fertility.

Preserve ecosystems

Organic farming supports to prevent the harmony and progress of nature. I have described the crop rotation, preservation of soil, which makes farmland healthy due to the absence of chemicals. Such natural creations- frog, insects, birds, soil organisms that play an indispensable role in ecosystems.

Final words

I have reached on the verdict with a decision that I would love to prefer organic food and I expect the same from your side. Because there is an immediate need to prevent the environment without any interference of artificial fertilisers. Still, if you have any query related to any particular idea, then feel free to comment below.

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