How to Design an Eye-Catching Pregnancy Announcement Poster – 2024 Guide

People have different tastes, interests, ambitions, and mentalities. But, when you look closer, all the grownups will agree on one thing. They will say that the best thing that happened to their life is the birth of their kids. Well, if you are not a parent, then you probably won’t understand how powerful the emotions are when you see your child for the first time. But, when that moment comes, you will understand why describing that feeling with words is impossible (we won’t even try to do that).

If you are expecting a child for the first time, then we are sure that you are confused, nervous, and happy at the same time. The first thing you will need to think about is how to announce your pregnancy to your partner, family, and friends. Well, if you ask us, the best possible thing to do that is by designing a pregnancy announcement poster.

Is designing such a masterpiece easy? Well, it depends on how creative you are and which ideas you exactly want to turn into reality. Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place. After reading this article, you will know how to design an eye-catching pregnancy announcement poster.

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When Should I Announce My Pregnancy?


Okay, there is no need to do things in a hurry. At the same time, many future moms are afraid of the reaction they will get. Because of that, they delay the process. The best thing you should do is to find some sort of balance. We will let you make your personal choice, but there are a couple of tips we would like to share.

Generally speaking, the partner is the first one who should find out this piece of information. Tell him as soon as you can and share the happiness together with him. After you do that, it will probably be easier for you to share the great news with your best friends. In the end, you should announce pregnancy to your parents.

Some ladies would do that a couple of days after they find out they are pregnant. You can, for instance, start designing the poster one day after you got the positive pregnancy test and invite all the beloved individuals at the same time. That way, you could all celebrate the happiest moments of your life!

But, What If I am Not a Creative Person?

The pieces of information below will certainly make the designing of the pregnancy announcement poster much easier. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to have a sense of creativity. However, if you don’t possess that form of creativity, it is not the end of the world!

Fortunately, the online world has made websites like PosterMyWall available to all of us. It is a website where you can find a bunch of pregnancy announcement templates that you can use. Believe it or not, with these templates, you won’t have to possess design skills at all. The new templates appear on the website almost every single day. You can easily customize them with a drag and drop editor and turn the ideas you have into reality.

After we highlighted the easiest way to design an eye-catching pregnancy announcement poster, let’s move to some tips for DIY enthusiasts. We are pretty sure they will speed up the entire process.

Two Hearts and a Message


This poster does not have to be too big. All you will need to draw on it is two hearts and a small message that says “I have two hearts”. Logically, the hearts should be colored in red while there should be a contrast between the letters and background of the poster. That way, you will ensure that message is clear.

Will everyone understand what you want to say? Well, people will probably need a bit more time to understand what you want to say. To make things easier for them, ensure that one of the hearts is smaller compared to the other one.



Well, this is probably the most popular poster design as you could see it in many videos online. Generally speaking, all you will have to do is to draw a baby or simply write “baby” with words. After you do that, you can write “loading” and add the “loading sign” below the world/portrait of a baby. Compared to the previous poster example, this one is going to be clear to everyone.

Pregnent + Dinosaurus = Pregnosaurus


Well, this can be a creative and silly way to announce you are pregnant. For starters, we recommend you get three different colors. Those three colors are black, white, and red/pink. Use the white color to draw a dinosaur and black color should be used for a background. With these two colors, you will manage to reach the appropriate level of contrast.

After that, the red or pink color will have two purposes. At the stomach of the dinosaurs that you draw, there should be a small heart. After that, you should write down with the same color at the bottom of the poster the word “pregnosaur”. Doesn’t this seem amazing?

Ideas for a Second Child


The ideas above were more suitable for first-time parents. However, if you already have a child, then there are a few more design samples we would like to suggest.

For the first one, you should have the assistance of your child. The task your kid will have is to show the poster to all the people that you invited to your house. The poster should contain something like “I am being promoted to big sister/brother”. Below that message, there should be the month when the second child is going to be born.

Final Thought

No one says that you have to use exactly the same ideas that we shared here. You can use some other colors (for instance, your favorite ones) or use different messages compared to the ones we suggested. The purpose of designing these posters is to make your announcement more surprising. Despite that, you should enjoy while doing your part of the job as you are announcing the best news your beloved ones could hear from you.

But, don’t be desperate if you can’t think of a creative idea different from ours. Use the pre-made templates that we suggested and design a perfect pregnancy announcement poster with no design skills. Things will be much easier that way!