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Preacher Season 4 – Spoiler Alert

It’s safe to say that there is no TV show in the world, quite like “Preacher.” Based on graphic novels of the same name, the series has been blowing minds on the small screen for three seasons. For fans of this bloody, funny, and irreverent show, “Preacher Season 4” could not come fast enough. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long wait yet.

preacher season 4

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About Preacher Season 4

As OtakuKart reports, “Preacher Season 4 has been renewed last year and will likely feature ten episodes. That’s three short of the season 2 episode count, but there is always a chance that it could increase. This would undoubtedly be nice since fans can’t seem to get enough of the odd trio composed of a vampire, a criminal, and a priest playing host to a powerful entity.

With regards to what fans can look forward to in “Preacher Season 4“, a lot of it will have to do with where the third season ended. For starters, it would appear that this show loves to make fun of the mighty since he was prepared to speak to Tulip (Ruth Negga) instead of Jesse (Dominic Cooper) directly. God asked the sassy female character to relay his cease message to Jesse, which she rejected outright.

The preacher is a co-creation between Sony Pictures Television and AMC Studios and produced for TV by Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and arrangement showrunner Sam Catlin. Catlin, Rogen, Goldberg and James Weaver official produce for Point Gray Pictures. Unique Film’s Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur and Vivian Cannon, Jason Netter, Michael Slovis, Mark McNair, and Ken F. Levin additionally fill in as official makers.


The residents of Angelville – Marie L’Angell (Betty Buckley), T.C. (Colin Cunningham), and Jody (Jeremy Childs) – were all killed off in Preacher’s season 3 finale, so unless they pop up in Hell, it’s relatively safe to say that we won’t be seeing them again. Herr Starr’s poor, faithful lieutenant Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) was also killed after lethal exposure to sunlight, and a couple of villains bit the dust: Satan himself (Jason Douglas) and wicked vampire cult leader Eccarius (Adam Croasdell).


The season 3 finale of Preacher sets up a fourth season of the show, with Cassidy captured by The Grail and locked up with an angel, and Herr Starr is preparing for all-out war. AMC has confirmed that Preacher season 4 is happening – though with an unfortunate caveat: it will be the final season of the show. Ratings have been struggling for some time, but at least the showrunners are being given a chance to wrap things up properly with Preacher season 4, rather than leaving things on a cliffhanger.


Based on the season 3 finale, it looks like Preacher season 4‘s story will be about Jesse and Tulip trying to rescue Cassidy from the clutches of The Grail. Meanwhile, Herr Starr has given up on trying to convince Jesse to become the Messiah and is preparing for some holy war. Down in Hell, Hitler had taken advantage of the power vacuum created when the Saint of Killers killed Satan and has crowned himself the new King of Hell – which is sure to cause some problems. The Saint himself is headed back to Earth, with Eugene Root in tow… and Eugene is none too happy about being sent to Hell and left there by Jesse.

Final words

After Preacher season 3’s fiery finale, fans of AMC’s gleefully violent and irreverent supernatural series are already looking forward to preacher season 4. The show stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, a criminal-turned-preacher who becomes bonded with a powerful entity called Genesis – the offspring of a demon and an angel – that allows him to force people to bend to his commands. After learning that God has gone missing, Jesse goes on the road with his girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga) and a vampire called Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), to find God and hold him to account.