My chemical romance

My Chemical Romance vs Jonas Brothers: Heat Buildup, Rumors & Facts

July 27, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Jonas Brother vs My Chemical Romance… does this sounds? Something interesting right! Well, recently some beef formed between former My Chemical Romance guitarist & Joe Jonas of Jonas Brother. “What happened?” That’s what most of you might be thinking. Right? So, in this post, I will address all the questions that you might have in your mind after the heat buildup between Jonas Brothers & My chemical romance. So, let’s Read More

civilization VI

Civilization VI Rise and Fall iOS Expansion, Best Leaders & More

July 26, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Civilization VI expansion ‘Rise and Fall’ for iOS & Nintendo Finally Released!!!! Yeah! It’s true. After a long wait of more than 1 year, the expansion of the game is released on Aug 24, 2019. After finding out about the update, I was straightaway curious, ‘What New will be Introduced in the Expansion’ ‘How I Can Play it on my iPad’ Then, for a moment, I thought, If I’m facing Read More


Recess Live Action Reboot Confirmed……Donate Now

July 26, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

A sweet sound of the ringing bell is echoing all over the school……Can you make any guess regarding the line? Uh……Recess. Yeah! You’re right. Besides, that was an easy question to ask but do you know why I asked this weird question. Well, my intention was to inform you that the animated Tv series from the ’90s is getting a fan film sequel. Want to know more? Don’t worry, as Read More

zoey 101

Zoey 101 Reboot Rumour True? Find All Your Answers Now

July 24, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Nickelodeon’s most successful & highest rated tv show could be back!!! Which one? Zoey 101…Have you seen this show before? Well, I think most of you might have seen this comedy-drama television series in the first decade of the 21st century. In case you don’t know, Zoey 101 started way back on Jan 05 & it concluded 4 years later on May 2, 2008. In its 1st run, it had Read More

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Solution to Insect-Resistant Crops?

July 24, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Would you believe when I say that Plants have the ability to influence “Leaky Gut Syndrome” of the gut lining in insects? No….not at all. Besides, even I wouldn’t believe. Until recently when I found out that researchers at Penn State had a breakthrough in their study. Well, according to new research published on July 22 edition of Penn state, there is a chance that Plants may influence “leaky gut Read More


LoL Patch 9.15: #5 Things I Want to See & #3 Things I Don’t

July 23, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Mystery! Yeah! There is a mystery going around the release of LoL 9.15 patch update. Besides, with the recent LoL Patch update 9.14, Riot Games has made several changes. So, now, all the LoL fans has much higher expectation from the developers. Although, it isn’t right to make speculation about the upcoming update. But in this post, I will mention #5 things that I want & #5 things that I Read More

One Direction

One Direction: #14 Fun Facts on #9 Years Anniversary

July 23, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Happy Anniversary! One Direction for completing 9 years. Yeah! You read is right. Today is the day when one of the best band of 21st Century was formed. The group was started with 5 members— Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, & Louis Tomilson. However, in 2015, Zayn left the group leaving every 1D fan devastated. Since the formation in X Factor, I have seen them has encounter Read More

selena gomez

#13 Unknown Facts about Selena Gomez On Her Birthday

July 22, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

Happy Birthday! Selena Gomez. Yeah! You read it right, today on 22nd July is Selena’s birthday. After taking a long break last year, Selena Gomez has made a stronger comeback this year. In case you don’t know, last year, she suffered a lot because of Mental Health Break. However, the good news came when I came to know that she has return & is keeping herself busy with work. “Back Read More

emmy awards 2019

Emmy Awards 2019 Nomination, Voting Procedure & More

July 21, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

On July 16, 2019, Ken Jeong & D’Arcy Carden have revealed the list of nominees for 71st Emmy awards. Before proceeding, I have to ask a question,” Will you see this year’s Emmy? Well, after the last year’s disappointing Emmy awards, I’m a bit Skeptical. Should I watch it or not? Besides, after an 11% decline in viewership, it’s obvious for me or you to have some doubts. Now, if Read More

San Diego Comic Con

Every Trailer Launched at San Diego Comic Con 2019

July 21, 2019 PensacolaVoice 0

The annual festival San Diego Comic Con has become a popular go-to place for all the big studios to release all the trailers. This year too, several studios like HBO, Marvel, Disney & many more have released teasers & trailers for upcoming TV shows & movies. Starting in July, San Diego Comic con will conclude on 21st of July. As I discussed earlier in my previous post, most of the Read More

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