iphone 11

New iPhone 11 release date & price leaks

July 6, 2019 Kane 0

Apple iPhone 2019 can be all about the camera. The new iPhone 11 leaks point to a radically different square-shaped rear camera within a familiar-looking design, and a release date scheduled for September 2019. Apart from the impact of the camera, Apple is not expected to offer a massive design Read More

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

July 6, 2019 Kane 0

In addition to being known for his good humor, graphic design and general disregard for the laws of physics, Borderlands 3 is known for its guns. All your mountains Borderlands had a total of 17.75 million guns. Borderlands 2 has improved the game thanks to a sophisticated tide system. So Read More

sniper elite

Sniper Elite VR announced for PS VR

July 6, 2019 Kane 0

Rebellion has already delivered the most satisfying VR shooter ever. There is a marker on the Rebellion stands at E3 2019, but it is not for killstreaks or speedruns. No, in the true style of Sniper Elite, this particular scorecard is recording who has achieved the most testicular shots in Read More

xbox game pass

Exposing Xbox Game Pass

July 6, 2019 Kane 0

Game subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and PlayStation are now a good deal for gamers – or at least a good way to sign up for your disgrace. As this year’s E3 events show, most of them are for platform support strategies, while Microsoft is releasing Read More

scream 3

Thrill lovers, here is Scream Season 3

July 5, 2019 Kane 0

Based on a series of films created by writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven, the television series was first performed on MTV in 2015 and 2016. It returned with the second season. Exaggerated Hollywood artist Harvey Weinstein co-produced Scream Season 1 and Scream Season 2. The original Scream movie, Read More

suits season 9

Suits season 9 trailer is out

July 5, 2019 Kane 0

There will be 10 episodes in the ninth season of suits and the final season, and the fans will eventually see what comes from Harvey and his relationship with the secretary Donna, and also that his office is now surprised. The final season trailer for Suits has been released and it’s honestly everything. Read More

fortnite portal

Fortnite portals has came up real soon

July 5, 2019 Kane 0

Upside Down has reached the island of Fortnite. As part of the recent Fortnite crossover event, the Stranger Things portals started appearing in the game’s Mega Mall region. Cross the portal and the world will be dark for a second before being transported to another part of the map. Fortnite Read More

4th of july

Be all set to see fireworks around united states on 4th July

July 5, 2019 Kane 0

4th July is probably the best, among most summer vacation. Although many people look at Remembrance Day as an unofficial summer holiday that begins unofficially. Hot dogs, hamburgers and ice creams are often found, not to mention colored explosions in the sky, also known as fireworks. While small towns and Read More

preacher tv series

How to Stream Preacher TV Series ( Paid & Free)

July 5, 2019 Kane 0

Season 4 of one of the most awaited TV Series Preacher is around the corner & AMC Network has decided to launch the show on 4th of August. Everyone wants to watch its episodes as soon as it streams online. However, the main question is how & where we can Read More

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