How to Pack Your Gadgets? 6 Tips

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of our lives. When we shift home or move from one location to another, we also have to take our tech gadgets with us. If you don’t know how to pack your tech gadgets, then Seka Moving companies can help you pack and move these gadgets.

These gadgets are not only expensive, but they also help us to stay connected with our friends. So, we can’t afford to damage them during the moving process. Therefore, we’ll share some valuable tips for packing your gadgets properly.

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6 Tips for Packing Your Gadgets

If you want to make sure that your sensitive accessories remain safe during the moving process then follow the below-given tips:

1. Disconnect the Heat-Sensitive Accessories


Most tech gadgets are damaged by heat, and obviously, no one wants to see this happening. Sudden temperature changes can be worst for electronic devices. If the temperature is too hot, it can lead batteries to wear out. As a result, the outer surface of the devices will get damaged. Moreover, it reduces the lifespan of the devices.

Turn off your devices and remove the batteries before you pack them. Remove flash drives, hard drives, and pen drives before putting them in the box. Remove all the cables and label them before putting them in the envelope.

2. Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can help in many ways. They protect your gadgets from damage in case they fall on the ground. Moreover, bubble wrap sheets protect against static electricity. Lining the cardboard boxes with bubble wrap enhances the safety of devices. Use soft packing material to cover each device and put tape on them. Place items in the box.

3. Organize Items


Ensure that you put the heavier items at the bottom of the box. Put lighter devices at the top if you want to pack them all in a single box. However, we don’t recommend this practice. For example, when you pack a laptop and headphones, the laptop should be at the bottom and the headphone at the top of it.

If you pack items yourself and hire movers to load and unload items, then inform them about the boxes that contain delicate items. It will ensure that movers deal with them carefully. Labeling is the best option for this. Finally, the boxes with fragile items and tech gadgets shouldn’t be placed under heavy boxes.

When you organize items, you can pack them neatly. Don’t throw your cables and charges directly into the box without labeling and packing. If you’re moving across the country, you might need security clearance, so in this case, you might need to open the boxes. When everything is packed and organized professionally, you won’t face any issues.

Furthermore, organized items are easy to unpack. When cables are correctly arranged, they will not tangle up with the gadgets. If you have some extra money, purchase tapes, stickers, and cable organizers. These items can help you save time after reaching your new destination.

4. Purchase a Gadget Bag

You need to spend lots of money on moving from one location to another. Therefore, people save money by keeping these gadgets with clothes in the suitcase. But there are many disadvantages of using this approach. These suitcases will not indicate to the movers that they contain any sensitive items. Moreover, they can be lost or theft.

When you purchase a gadget bag for these items, you can keep it with you during traveling. The best thing about these gadget bags is that they are designed specifically for this task to enhance safety. Padding in these bags ensures that your devices remain safe even if the bag falls on the ground.

5. Carry Instruction Guide with You


Disassembling cables and tech gadgets look easy, but re-assembling isn’t that easy. It can be a headache if you don’t pack the instruction guide with items. User manual can help you attach parts and cables quicker than your expectations. Moreover, you’ll be able to attach everything correctly. Anything connected to the wrong port can cause significant damage.

6. Recommendations for unpacking the TV:

  • Study the instructions and directions on the packing box.
  • Remove rings and other jewelry from hands before unpacking.
  • At least two people are required to remove the TV over 32″ diagonal from the box. The exact number of people is indicated on the package.
  • Two people may also be needed to remove TVs up to 32″ diagonal if it is explicitly stated on the package or in the instructions.
  • To lift the TV, the bottom of the body should be placed in the center of your hand, but not on your fingers. Do not squeeze your fingers and touch the screen with them. The image below shows the correct hand position.

The equipment with screen diagonal more than 55″ can bend under its own weight, breaking the matrix, therefore it is impossible to carry TV horizontally. In addition, it is recommended to shift your grip from the edge – as shown in the picture below.

If you need to put the TV on its front side, do it as carefully as possible and don’t flip the TV horizontally straight up in the air. Place the TV on the bottom edge first, and then gently lower the top edge while holding the bottom edge with your other hand.

Choose a perfectly flat surface without height differences over the entire area of the device. The edges of the case should not protrude beyond the chosen surface. For example, if the table is smaller than the TV itself. It is forbidden to put the equipment on the screen without a protective bag, which is included in the package, as well as to move the device in this position on the table or other surface.

Tips for Loading Gadgets

  • Place boxes with delicate items at one side
  • Secure these boxes with a rope
  • Try to keep them under the furniture so that they don’t move much
  • Don’t overstuff boxes because if you do that, you won’t be able to lift them
  • If possible, keep these items in your car instead of loading them into the truck or moving van.

Final Words

You can relax and rest when packing your household items. But when it comes to packing tech gadgets, you’ll have to be at your toes all the time. When you divert your attention, you will damage your items. Damaging these items means you’ll have to pay a massive amount to purchase them again.

So, after following the tips mentioned above, you can protect your fragile and expensive items from damage.