Handmaid's tale season 4

Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Spoilers Every Fan Should Know?

August 17, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

WTF!! What I just witnessed…..I can’t believe my eyes. June’s plan actually worked. Even though there were some problems initially, but still she pulled a miracle. Stakes were enormously high & after the failed escape earlier in season 2, everyone had doubts on her plan. Tip: Weak hearted beings should stay away from Handmaid’s Tall Season finale. Although season 3 started a bit slow since the plan of stealing “Stolen Read More

Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Chloe-Lucifer Getting Married

August 16, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 3

Lucifer. Aftermath getting canceled by NBC, Netflix revived one of the most beloved shows Lucifer with the release of Season 4 on their digital platform. As I am a Luciferian & watching the show since its launch. I, along with several lucifer fans, was left heartbroken when CBS canceled the show after season 3. However, one of the most-happiest moment came when Netflix picked the show & released one of Read More

13 reasons why season 3

13 Reasons Why season 3 Trailer Released…….Bryce Walker’s Killer Revealed?

August 16, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Who Killed Bryce Walker? The first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why revolved around the death of Hannah Baker. Now, that we know the circumstances of her death, the final trailer of 13 Reasons why Season 3 confirmed the death of Bryce Walker. Hence, creating more drama. Now, when it comes to this post, here I am going to breakdown the final trailer of 13 Reasons why Season 3 & Read More


Fan Theory Suggests Lucifer Season 5 Might End with Chloe’s Death?

August 13, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Spoiler Alert!!! Lucifer Season 4 ended with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) leaving the earth. He returned to Hell to battle the demons & reclaimed his throne as a king of Hell. As a Lucifer fan, Although, the ending of lucifer season 4 was on the more unfortunate side as he bid farewell to Decker( Love of his Life).  Still, I hoped season 5 will bring some happy moments for the couple. Read More

upcoming switch games

Upcoming Switch Games: #14 New Release & #3 Top Picks

August 2, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Jeez….It’s August but still, there are not many new games available online. In this condition, what a gamer will do? I’m sick of playing the same type of games again & again. We need a solution! Before telling you the solution, let me ask you a question— Do you own a Nintendo Switch device? With this question, you might have already assumed about the solution that I was talking about Read More

zoey 101

Zoey 101 Reboot Rumour True? Find All Your Answers Now

July 24, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Nickelodeon’s most successful & highest rated tv show could be back!!! Which one? Zoey 101…Have you seen this show before? Well, I think most of you might have seen this comedy-drama television series in the first decade of the 21st century. In case you don’t know, Zoey 101 started way back on Jan 05 & it concluded 4 years later on May 2, 2008. In its 1st run, it had Read More

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Complete Spoilers, Cast, Timings & Facts

July 17, 2019 Yogesh Miglani 0

Have you seen the Harry Potter Movie series? How did you felt when the movie series ended after Deathly Hallows Part-2. Although, the movie ended on a happy note, but I was sad. Well, obviously, my favourite Movie franchise came to an end. But then came the good news….. Jack Thorne introduced Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to the world. At that time, it was not possible for me Read More

Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix? House of Cards Season 7

Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix ?

July 5, 2019 Jack Daniels 0

Is The Political Drama Officially Cancelled by Netflix? House of Cards Season 7 House of Cards was the first Netflix series which was an American political web series. It was created by Beau Willimon in February 2013 on Netflix. On that time, the main star cast of this series was Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly. But unfortunately, they decided to end up this series with its final season. Read More