Rise of Online Casinos and Sportsbooks
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How Technology Has Shaped the Rise of Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

The days of visiting brick-and-mortar casinos have dropped significantly in importance over the last few years. With the improvement of technology, the dawn of the Internet and the idea of globalization becoming more and more prevalent, physical casinos have automatically experienced less importance and online casinos have become the new rave.

There are a myriad of technical reasons for this rise in popularity of online casinos and sportsbooks alike, which will be further detailed below.

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Online Casinos

Technology in Online Casinos
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An exciting and immersive gaming platform that comes in all shapes and sizes. Online casinos are known for their diversity and great offerings for their clients. The fact that game developers can create any kind of theme within an online game has made players even more excited to partake in online gaming, this is a result of the rise in technical ability.

All the different kinds of topics and themes have resulted in a punter’s ability to pick and choose the most suitable game for them.

Allowing them to partake in the excitement of a win-or-lose game, showcase their gaming abilities and do so while operating a theme that is most interesting to them. For example, someone who likes fishing will likely enjoy playing an online fish shooting game with real money no deposit over a farming-themed game, as it lines up with personal preferences better. Visit this site to play.

Technology has had a large impact on the popularity of online casinos. First and foremost, safety is the most important part of playing online. Entering private and sensitive details onto a device that can potentially be hacked is a scary idea.

With the improvement of technology, security and safety measures were naturally upgraded too. Certain technologies such as blockchain, two-step authentication and hardware wallets have revolutionized the game of online casinos.

Advances in Security Measures

Security Measures in online casino
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Blockchain technology operates in such a way that player information stays anonymous, which is a massive plus point for players looking to keep their transactions on the low. The technology works by creating blocks of data that are stored together in one connected chain on a public ledger.

Only people with the correct authorization key can access the information. Trying to hack into the blockchain is virtually impossible as once one block receives signals of hacking, it becomes faulty and changes the data of the rest of the blocks on the chain, leaving a hacker with incorrect information.

Two-step authentication is one of the best ways to ensure player safety. The way this works is in the name, i.e., players have to authenticate themselves twice to gain access to the webpage they’re looking to log into.

What this means is that player security is massively improved. Should a cybercriminal ever hack into a player’s account by finding their email and password, this will not be enough to enter the webpage.

There is an additional safety step that first comes into play. Once the email and password have been entered, the owner of these details will then receive a secret key in the form of numbers, letters and symbols which gain full access to the site.

This key is usually sent to a secondary device, such as a mobile phone, that a hacker would not have access to. Keeping players safe and secure from any hacking attempts.

The hardware wallet is a further safety precaution that has been developed since the improvement of technology and resulted in a massively positive impact on casino gamers. Players can now rest assured that their private information, coins, tokens and finances are safe from any potential cyber-attacks.

This technology is the upgrade of the software wallet. The difference between the two is that the software wallet is within a user’s device, such as a laptop or a computer.

The hardware wallet allows users to save their information on an external device, such as an external hard drive, keeping their information out of any software a hacker could touch. All of the above-mentioned technologies offering vital cybersecurity means to players worldwide.


Sportsbooks popularity
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Another avenue within the world of gambling and placing bets is the sports world. This is an extremely popular side of gaming and one that receives a lot of attention. Technology has made a huge impact on the way bets are placed for sports games.

The way it used to work was that punters could essentially only bet on the outcome of a game. They’d lay their wage with their bookie and hope for the best. Technology then stepped in and gave rise to a revolutionary betting tactic called ‘microbetting‘.

Mircobetting is exactly as the name says, betting on micro or smaller actions. What this means is that punters can now not only bet on the result of a game but on the result of smaller plays too.

Examples of this include, whether or not a rugby player will make a try, if a soccer player will manage to score a penalty or if a footballer will be able to score a touchdown in the NFL for his team. The reason this is possible is due to the rise in speed and function of live games and sportsbooks.

The only way a punter can bet on whether or not a free kick will be a hit or miss is if they can firstly, watch the game live, secondly, have the technical means to place a bet in an instant and thirdly, have strong enough processing powers within a sports betting place to record the bet and issue a payment or loss. All of this hinges on technology and without advanced technology, none of this would be possible.


rise of online casinos
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The future of sportsbooks is said to be based on AI (artificial intelligence). In the next few years, AI will most likely lead to a lot of information that punters use to place bets. AI will easily be able to access vast amounts of athlete data and spit out the likelihood of certain athletes being able to make the pass or not.

This advanced technology will change the way punters place bets in the future, as a lot of their wagers will be based on the information received from AI summaries.