How to Play in Online Casinos Safely in Japan – 2024 Guide

Japan is a country that remained close to its tradition, and despite its vast technological development, remains closed to some affairs. One of those is online casinos. While online gambling is spreading across the globe like wildfire, Japan still forbids this type of casinos operating on its land. But, the good news, you can still enjoy this activity on Japan’s soil. It is safe and legal to gamble in Japan, but only you register on one of the foreign websites. Players are not in danger of being prosecuted if they decide to pursue their hobby this way. Japan’s law is that way that players are not facing any repercussions if they indulge themselves in some off-shore gambling. This is how things stand now, and we can’t see them getting better than turning worse.


We don’t say this without reason. At the moment, there’s a revolution of the sort happening in the land of the rising sun. Even the Prime Minister is trying to push for the law, which would allow local companies to start their online casinos. At the moment, you can only wager on horse racing, motorsports, various lotteries, and you can, of course, play slot machines. If you are a risk seeker, there are multiple illegal casinos all over this country. But, it would be best if you were warned, these places are run by criminals, and there’s no guarantee they’ll play by the rules. This is why our recommendation that you seek a foreign online casino to play while in Japan, rather than to try and find some underground ones.

Players from Japan are more than welcomed in most online casinos. There they can enjoy their favorite games without a fear that they’re doing anything illegal. In the end, what you’ll want is peace of mind, and you shouldn’t exchange it for a little side fun.

Why Online Casinos?


Why not? It makes sense to do it on the web these days. Besides, their popularity is on the rise in Japan, and it’s not without reason. It’s convenient to play online, easy, and it’s accessible via products you probably own – smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Because of the traditional view on gambling, online casinos in this country developed a bit differently than in the rest of the world. For example, most of them are based on instant play platforms, which is a tech-savvy alternative. All you need to do is type the casino address in your browser, and you can play. There’s no need for a unique application in most cases, while there’s always an option where you need to download an app from any web store.

Mobile play is becoming prevalent these days, and it’s no wonder considering that all people have smartphones these days. Playing on the go is everyone’s favorite pastime. Furthermore, people want to get away from land-based casinos, as they’re attracted by the better offerings that online ones have. There are more games, more options, better odds, the lesser house edge in some games, and there’s not that loudmouth guy next to you ruining your evening. Also, various bonuses are coming your way once you join the party. As you can see, there are multiple advantages to online casinos, compared to the land-based ones, and we won’t even mention the fact you’ll never more have to wait to take a seat at the table.

How to Play?


Gambling online in Japan is no different than playing in any other country, especially considering that you’ll have to play on a foreign website. We hope this is going to change in the future, but for now, this is your best option. Foreign doesn’t mean it’s going to be difficult; on the contrary, it is somewhat simplified just for all the foreign players. Once you visit your casinos’ website, all that is left is to register and play your favorite games right from the start. In a couple of steps, we’ll explain how to play in an online casino in Japan.

  • Choose a Casino – this is the first step, and it couldn’t be more obvious. If you’re still unsure which one to pick or where to start, you have many good options on the market, such as The most important thing is to determine the one you like the most, and that should be the one that offers your favorite games and useful bonuses in addition. Each player has its preferences, and we’re sure you’ll find a website that has your number.
  • Account – once you have settled on a desired casino, the next step is to make an account. Don’t worry; this shouldn’t be too hard. Most casinos will seek to know at least some of your basic info. They put a lot of work into safety and security, so you shouldn’t be afraid of leaving your personal information. Name, surname, and address are just some of the inf you’ll be asked to give. The next step is creating a unique user name and password to be able to log in to the website and consequently play.
  • Play – the reward comes at the end. After getting registered at a website, you’ll be asked to confirm your data via email. Once this is done, you’ll be all set and done to play. Just find a way to your favorite game, sit at the table, and play. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to tell you that while there will be free spins and welcome bonuses, after some time, you musIn the article above, we explained the basics of gambling in Japan, which shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend. If you haven’t figured out from a first read, please return to the top, and start again, Don’t let your adventure begin on the wrong foot.t pay a deposit at the casino and start playing for real, with real money.