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One Direction

One Direction: #14 Fun Facts on #9 Years Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! One Direction for completing 9 years. Yeah! You read is right. Today is the day when one of the best band of 21st Century was formed. The group was started with 5 members— Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, & Louis Tomilson. However, in 2015, Zayn left the group leaving every 1D fan devastated.

Since the formation in X Factor, I have seen them has encounter numerous ups & downs. But it could never stop its fans from celebrating the 9th Anniversary of the band. So, on the occasion of their anniversary, I will share some interesting Facts about the group:

1. Meeting for the First Time

Every members of One Direction had applied as solo contestant at UK X Factor but none of them were qualified. So, after getting suggestion from a guest judge, they took part as a group & finished 3rd in the 7th season of UK X Factor.

2. Expensive Band!

Do you want to hire this group for a night? Well, then make sure to have some money in your pocket. There hiring fees of for one night is £30,000.

3. Fear of Pigeons!

When Niall Horan was a kid, he was attacked by a pigeon in the Toilet. So, as a result, he has developed a crazy fear of pigeons.

4. Winning Awards!

Till date, the group has won 166 awards out of 324 nominated awards.

5 . Harry’s Four Nipples!

Four Nipples! Yes, In the one direction group, Harry Styles, is known to sleep naked. Moreover, it is believed that he talks in his sleep & has 4 nipples.

6. The Rituals!

It’s weird but true! All the boys of One Direction group had a habit of eating Haribo sweets before performing any gig. For them, it’s their lucky charm.

7. The Bestselling Calendar!

The One Direction Calendar for 2012 was one of the top-selling Calendar at Amazon.

8. Hooked up With a Fan!

At “The Ellen Show” Harry admitted that he once hooked up with one of his fans.

9. The Fastest Selling Single!

In 2011, a song ‘Up From night’ from their debut album was the third most selling single.

10. Solitary Kidney!

Liam Payne has one working kidney. Isn’t this sad?

11. It Took Just 12 Minutes for Their First Tour To Sell Off!

You can imagine their popularity with the fact that their first ever UK tour was sold out within 12 Minutes.

12. Philanthropy

As far as charity goes, 1D group was #2 in 2013 for raising money & #6 in 2014. In the year 2013, their charitable work was right after Taylor Swift.

13. #1 Selling Album!

One Direction released an album with the name of Midnight Memories in 2013. It went o to become #1 selling album of 2013.

14. When Zayn Left the Band!

I was heartbroken when Zayn Malik decided to leave the group in 2015. However, at the time of his separation, all was not well between Zain & Louis. Later, both of them had a twitter rivalry for some time which cooled down after some time.

Final Words

I will end the post by wishing Happy Anniversary to all the members & fans of 1D. Besides, at the time of writing this article, #9YearofOneDirection was trending on Twitter. Moreover, if you want to wish anniversary to the best band of 21st century than you can do so in the comments section given below.

One Direction: #14 Fun Facts on #9 Years Anniversary 1

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