My chemical romance
My chemical romance

My Chemical Romance vs Jonas Brothers: Heat Buildup, Rumors & Facts

Jonas Brother vs My Chemical Romance… does this sounds? Something interesting right! Well, recently some beef formed between former My Chemical Romance guitarist & Joe Jonas of Jonas Brother. “What happened?” That’s what most of you might be thinking. Right?

So, in this post, I will address all the questions that you might have in your mind after the heat buildup between Jonas Brothers & My chemical romance. So, let’s proceed:

What’s the Matter?

The beef between the started when Joe Jonas spread some rumor about the former band. What rumor? Well, the rumor was regarding the return of one of the most famous bands of 2004-05— My Chemical Romance.

The heat between the two started in the month of June when Jon along with his brothers Nick & Kevin, said,” I have some dirt” in an interview to Kiss FM in the United Kingdom. Moreover, when Jonas brothers were rehearsing in New York, he used, “Apparently Rehearsing” a phrase referring to My Chemical Romance.

When asked about the phrase,” Jonas said, “I thought they broke up, so I don’t know,”. Although, he did not make any claim but thru his statement, it was enough for him to offer some speculation regarding the unification of the group.

Later 37 years old, former My Chemical Romance, Lero, attended “Zach Sang Show” where he addressed the rumor by saying that, “I don’t understand why you would do an interview about your band and talk about someone else’s band,” Iero said (see the clip below, at the one hour-10 minute mark), begrudgingly addressing the Jonas comments. “I think they’re trying to rebrand their band as like a real rock band and they’re trying to mention as many rock bands and trying to get, like, synonymous with other things. And people aren’t gonna forget that you’re a Disney band, bro. Sorry, it’s not gonna happen.”

In case you forgot, My Chemical Romance was formed in Newark in 2001 & 12 years later it broke up in 2013. Iero, the guitarist, joined the band in 2002.

#5 Facts about My Chemical Romance

Not an EMO Band

When the group started in 2001, everyone mistook MCR as an EMO band. In an interview, Frontman Gerard had some strong words about this,” I think emo is f*cking garbage, it’s bullsh*t… All I can say is anyone actually listening to the records, but the records next to each other and listen to them and there are actually no similarities.” Although, audio of the original video isn’t available right now. However, you can read about it in the Rolling Stone article.

The Screaming

It is not possible for everyone to scream the way My chemical romance screams while singing. Don’t ever try this, or you may risk hurting your vocal cords.

It is okay to feel sad

Whenever a teen is feeling sad or depressed then everyone says that all this is in their head. But songs of MCR’s album were different. Through their songs, they spread their message for the teens “It was ok to feel sad.” Moreover, if you’re feeling sad then I recommend you to listen to MCR’s songs.

The Black Parade

Every year, several kids take part in the marching band. So, MCR put their soul while singing the Black Parade song.

A reunion

It will be a wonderful day when similar to Jonas Brother Reunion, My Chemical Romance band joins up & surprise everyone by releasing a reunion album.

Final Words

As a My chemical Romance die-hard fan, I wanted rumors spread by Joe Jones to be true. That’s all for now if you want to see the My Chemical Romance reunion then do let us via the comments section.

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