7 Must-Have Devices for Frequent Travelers

Kudos if you can travel comfortably without a lot of electronics. However, many of us have grown accustomed to and dependent on our gadgets!

When traveling, it’s essential to consider the weight and size of your electronics, so you’ll want to bring the right devices for your needs.

This guide covers the seven best devices you must have in your luggage for a more convenient and comfortable journey.

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1. Rechargeable Vape Pen


Traveling can be stressful, and moving from place to place with a vape mod can be difficult. Their bulkiness takes up valuable spaces in the luggage. Also, vape mods are more prone to leakage since they require refilling, maintenance, coil replacement, and more.

The best option for travel, if you are a vaper, is rechargeable vape pens. For example, the best models, like the Artisan from RELX, are built with elegant metal craftsmanship while still providing convenient features like fast charging, leak-proof design, and a smooth draw.

2. Portable Coffee Machine

With technological advancements, you won’t have to worry about leaving your coffee behind.

Portable coffee machines help you make the perfect cup of joe, so you’ve got an energy source to keep you going throughout your travels.

These devices are portable and can easily fit within your luggage or backpack.

There are many options, such as brewing with an aero press, French press, pour-over, moka pot, or a portable espresso machine. Make sure to consider your intended use case.

Some are powered manually, and others are electric. A moka pot requires a flame as a heat source and won’t work with a cooktop or a microwave.

3. Universal Travel Adapter

When going to a foreign country, a travel adapter is an essential item you’ll want to pack.

It’s a perfect travel companion since it prepares you for all your power or charging needs.

Rather than buying multiple travel adapters for each device and type of plug, the universal travel adapter is an all-in-one plug. They’re compatible with all kinds of devices and plugs.

The right adapter ensures you can safely charge your devices and prevents potential accidents like electric shocks or damaging your device.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

  • Immersive travel experience: Noise-canceling headphones block out ambient sounds, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings, whether it’s enjoying music, podcasts, or simply seeking peace and quiet.
  • Enhanced focus: When working or studying on the go, noise-canceling headphones help eliminate distractions, enabling better concentration and productivity.
  • Restful travel: Noise-canceling technology reduces the impact of background noise during flights, train journeys, or long commutes, promoting relaxation and better sleep.

Key features to look for in noise-canceling headphones

  • Active noise cancellation: Opt for headphones with active noise cancellation technology, which uses microphones to detect external noise and produces anti-noise signals to counteract it effectively.
  • Comfortable design: Look for headphones that offer a comfortable fit for extended use, with cushioned ear cups and an adjustable headband.
  • Battery life: Consider the battery life of the headphones, especially for long trips. Longer battery life ensures uninterrupted use throughout the journey.
  • Wireless connectivity: Wireless noise-canceling headphones provide greater freedom of movement and eliminate the hassle of tangled cables. Bluetooth compatibility allows easy connection to various devices.


5. Portable Power Station


Portable power stations can make life much easier, especially when camping or road-tripping.

These are backup power units that charge your devices or even small appliances.

Access to electricity is vital, especially in remote areas where an outlet isn’t readily available. With a portable power station, you can easily power up your electric grill, keep your fridge running, and even blow up your air mattress.

We recommend choosing a portable power station over a gas generator since they don’t emit harmful carbon emissions or make loud noises.

Many portable power stations offer multiple charging methods, such as via a carport, AC outlet, USB plug, or solar.

6. Travel Adapter

Why is a travel adapter a must-have for international travel?

  • Power compatibility: Different countries have varying electrical outlet standards, voltages, and plug types. A travel adapter ensures compatibility and allows you to charge your devices safely.
  • Convenience: Carrying a travel adapter eliminates the need to search for or borrow adapters in foreign destinations, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  • Versatility: A travel adapter allows you to use your electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and chargers, regardless of the country you’re visiting.

Considerations when selecting a travel adapter

  • Plug types: Research the plug types used in your destination country and choose a travel adapter that accommodates those specific plug types.
  • Voltage compatibility: Check the voltage requirements of your devices and ensure that the travel adapter supports the voltage range of your destination country.
  • USB ports: Opt for a travel adapter with built-in USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously without needing extra adapters.
  • Compact and lightweight: Look for a compact and lightweight travel adapter that won’t take up much space in your luggage.

7. Action Camera


What are the benefits of an action camera for capturing travel adventures?

  • Versatile and durable: Action cameras are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, making them perfect for capturing adventures like hiking, snorkeling, or skiing.
  • Compact and lightweight: Action cameras are portable, allowing you to carry them easily during your travels without adding significant weight to your luggage.
  • Wide-angle and immersive shots: Action cameras often feature wide-angle lenses, capturing expansive landscapes and immersive footage that showcases the beauty of your travel destinations.
  • Mounting options: Action cameras offer various mounting options, such as helmet mounts, chest harnesses, or selfie sticks, enabling you to capture unique perspectives and hands-free footage.

Features to consider when purchasing an action camera

  • Image and video quality: Look for an action camera that offers high-resolution photo and video capabilities to ensure clear and vibrant images.
  • Waterproof and rugged design: If you plan to engage in water-based or adventurous activities, choose an action camera that is waterproof and built to withstand shocks, drops, and extreme temperatures.
  • Battery life: Consider the battery life of the action camera, especially for longer excursions. Opt for models that offer extended battery life or the ability to swap out batteries.
  • Connectivity options: Check for wireless connectivity features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which allow you to transfer photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet for quick sharing on social media.

Wrapping It Up

The process of packing for a trip has changed over the years. Nowadays, there are high-tech gadgets to make life easier, more organized, and more comfortable.

With the cohort of travel gadgets rapidly evolving, it’s essential to stay current with the current technologies.

Keep this list of devices with you on your next trip!