30 Most Useful Positive Words That Start with C to Inspire You

In a world where negativity appears to be everywhere, it is significant for you to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible. Because having a positive attitude can make the most tough spots go through well. You can never underestimate the power of positivity. Using positive words when communicating in daily life is one of the best ways to inspire yourself, your team, your friends, or anyone around.

Considering this, we have brought you a list of positive words that start with C collected by You can use them to describe a person, an event, a place or a situation. There are 26 letters in the English language. The reason why we have actually chosen to write about C is that we believe it will make you courageous, charming and confident. Before we start, If you’re here to find a solution for your crossword, you can find great tips at If you’re feeling stuck, we all are sometimes! Crosswords are a good way to keep your brain busy and have fun. Now let’s dive into this most impressive list of positive C words!

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1. Can


Definition: to be able to
Example: The doctors are doing all that they can, but she’s still not breathing properly.

2. Calm

Definition: peaceful, quiet, and without worry
Example: Now keep calm everyone, the police are on their way.

3. Care

Definition: the process of protecting someone or something and providing what that person or thing needs
Example: Mira’s going to be very weak for a long time after the operation, so she’ll need a lot of care.

4. Cool

Definition: fashionable in a way that people admire
Example: I know it won’t look very cool, but this hat will keep the sun out of your eyes.

5. Cheer


Definition: to give a loud shout of approval or encouragement
Example: Everyone cheered as the winners received their medals.

6. Champion

Definition: someone or something, especially a person or animal, that has beaten all other competitors in a competition
Example: The defending champion will play his first match of the tournament tomorrow.

7. Charming

Definition: pleasant and attractive
Example: We had dinner with our director and his charming wife.

8. Classy

Definition: stylish or fashionable
Example: That’s one classy vehicle you’ve got there.

9. Clever

Definition: having or showing the ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily
Example: Charlie has a clever idea for getting us out of our present difficulties.

10. Capable


Definition: able to do things effectively and skilfully, and to achieve results
Example: We need to get an assistant who’s capable and efficient.

11. Charity

Definition: an organization whose purpose is to give money, food, or help to those who need it, or to carry out activities such as medical research that will help people in need, and not to make a profit
Example: Proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to local charities.

12. Cherish

Definition: to love, protect, and care for someone or something that is important to you
Example: Although I cherish my children, I do allow them their independence.

13. Comfort

Definition: a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and free from pain
Example: Now you can watch the latest films in the comfort of your own room.

14. Creative

Definition: producing or using original and unusual ideas
Example: The designer is either a creative genius or completely bonkers.

15. Civilized


Definition: A civilized society or country has a well developed system of government, culture, and way of life and that treats the people who live there fairly
Example: A fair justice system is a fundamental part of a civilized society.

16. Confident

Definition: being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future
Example: They don’t sound confident about the future of the industry.

17. Celebrate

Definition: to take part in special enjoyable activities in order to show that a particular occasion is important
Example: We always celebrate our wedding anniversary by going out to dinner.

18. Compliment

Definition: a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect
Example: He complained that his husband never paid him any compliments anymore.

19. Cooperative

Definition: showing a willingness to help or do what people ask
Example: She is exceptionally cooperative and reaches out to those who need help at any time.

20. Compassionate


Definition: showing compassion
Example: The public’s response to the crisis appeal was generous and compassionate.

21. Courageous

Definition: having or showing courage
Example: It was a courageous decision to resign in protest at the company’s pollution record.

22. Candid

Definition: honest and telling the truth, especially about something difficult or painful
Example: The two presidents have had candid talks about the current crisis.

23. Careful

Definition: giving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident, make a mistake, or damage something
Example: Be careful to look both ways when you cross the road.

24. Certain

Definition: having no doubt or knowing exactly that something is true, or known to be true, correct, exact, or effective
Example: Are you absolutely certain (that) you gave them the right number?

25. Chirpy


Definition: happy and active
Example: She seemed quite chirpy this morning.

26. Choice

Definition: an act or the possibility of choosing
Example: If the product doesn’t work, you are given the choice of a refund or a replacement.

27. Classical

Definition: traditional in style or form, or based on methods developed over a long period of time, and considered to be of lasting value
Example: Does she study classical ballet or modern ballet?

28. Clear

Definition: easy to understand, hear, read, or see
Example: Our new television has a very clear picture.

29. Committed

Definition: loyal and willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in
Example: She is a committed socialist.

30. Compatible


Definition: able to exist, live, or work successfully with something or someone else
Example: It was when we started living together that we found we just weren’t compatible.

We hope you liked our positive words that begin with the letter C, which are wonderful to utilize in countless situations. And they can help with creative thinking, cooperation, and also celebration.

For whatever reason you are searching for positive words starting with we hope you’ve found the ones you need. And please share this list of positive words beginning with C with your friends and family to spread the positive vibe.