How to Make Sure That You Will Achieve the Set Up Goals?

Last time, we shared how you can employ self-discipline in making your business successful. You can read more about self discipline in this article. Today, we’re going to share with you other tips to help you get closer to the goals you have set for yourself.

But before that, why should we have goals in the first place?

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The Importance of Goal-Setting

We can sometimes classify people into two types: those who know what they want, and those who don’t. A goal is whatever the desired result you want to reach at the end of a process; it can be for the short-term or the long-term. Have you ever stopped to think about what your ultimate goal is? Are you working just to stash enough savings for retirement or are you trying to make a name for yourself through your business?

Whatever your goal, just imagine for a moment that you don’t already know it. Do you think you’ll be able to find the strength to wake up at the same time every morning? Having goals is what keeps us from walking aimlessly in our lives, be it just to get through the day, or to realize the future.

When the going gets tough, we’re here to help you get back to the right path. Here are a few tips to make sure you can keep your eyes on the prize.

1. Have A Plan


You might know the destination, but have you memorized the routes to take so you don’t get lost along the way? It’s easy to draw a picture of your dream house, but without the written plan from an architect or engineer, you will have no way to build it. Even the best chefs need to consult their recipes from time to time. It’s hard to guess our way through everything, so before you start on your journey, take a moment to sit down and strategize. Keep a notebook handy so you will always be able to consult your strategy easily. Now you will never have a hard time remembering the next steps to take.

2. Keep A Picture

Having a solid visual aid to remind you of what you want to accomplish can be a great guide for motivation. Say for example your goal is to help a rural community get access to education. You can post a photo of this place on your fridge or frame your selfie with the residents somewhere in your work area so that it always catches your eye. If you’re a parent, you probably already have a lot of photos of your kids, in your wallet, or on your bedside. It’s not enough to see our goals in our mind’s eye. When you have a picture to remind you of what you want, it grounds you and maintains your focus.

3. Break It Up


Our biggest goal in life is usually the hardest thing we can think of for ourselves to achieve; it is also long-term. Since we have a protracted way yet before we get there, it may be necessary to break up our plan into parts, sprinkled with little goals throughout. This makes it easier for you to track your progress. You also get to celebrate your minor wins, because these are just as important. It allows you to reward yourself for your hard work and such prizes will only push you to do even better.

4. Find Your Crowd

Birds of the same feather flock together. But in case you still haven’t found your people, consider making it a point to seek like-minded individuals, those who share a similar path to yours. They can be a great source of support especially when you find yourself lost and struggling to find answers. Maybe they have been where you are right now. These people will also be able to understand you when others in your immediate circle would not be able to. A little competition also doesn’t hurt to keep you on your toes!

5. Be Realistic


There’s never any use lying to ourselves. Sometimes, our ideas may seem lofty and our goals might be abstract but this does not ever excuse us from acknowledging the truth. We have to be realistic when it comes to assessing our progress, making our plans, and admitting our mistakes. When we are not realistic, we end up farther away than from where we started. In case you are not sure if you are still seeing things in perspective, consider getting advice from people who understand what you are trying to do. This judgment will provide you with better contrast for the actual picture.

6. Make A Routine

Your schedule might be a little harder to control but a routine doesn’t have to be tied down to a certain time. The key thing about having one is that it is repetitive. Our muscles have memory and when we get used to doing something, the easier it becomes every time. Having a routine means always knowing the steps in advance and this way, you spend a little less time wondering what to do next. It will also make you breeze through things faster, that before you know it, the end you have been working hard for is right around the corner.

Bon Voyage!

Success looks different for everyone. Sometimes, simply being content with what you already have is enough to call it a well-lived life. On the other hand, people can also envision a future that looks like a 180-degree turn from where they are at the moment. And because success means something unique for each person, even the tips outlined above might not always apply to all.

However, you plan to travel from point A to point B, never forget to stop and smell the flowers. It is also alright to readjust your settings whenever life serves you a curveball, after all, no one can see into the future. Once you get to your destination, you might even find yourself missing the journey. Safe travels, and go get ‘em, tiger!