7 Factors To Consider When Looking For A Private Venue For a Special Event

Are you hosting a special event for your family and friends? When planning an event, you’re faced with several decisions. However, choosing the most appropriate venue is the one that will have the most significant impact on the overall success of your event.

From the event date to the catering options, from the decorations to the number of guests your party holds, it is all determined by the venue you choose, as it is one of the aspects of event planning that sets the entire tone.

In this article, you will be given seven factors to consider when looking for a private event for your special event. These factors will assist you in narrowing your search until you locate the most suitable private venue that meets your requirements.

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What Are The Factors To Consider?

When choosing a venue, there are non-negotiable factors to take into account, such as:

1. Location


When choosing an event location, keep in mind the guests’ or attendees’ accessibility to the venue. If you do not have access to the visitors’ addresses, you can choose a place in an easily accessible city. For instance, if you live in Newcastle, you may like to organize any of your special events at McDonald Jones Stadium, which is one of the city’s most famous private party venues.

Before settling on a location, ensure that it has little traffic and ample transportation choices. Remember, you must visit the venue in order to assess and observe the surrounding area’s traffic situation. This will provide you with insights that will assist you in avoiding the dangers associated with selecting an inaccessible and difficult-to-get-to site.

Also, consider the property’s closeness to hotels, airports, tourist attractions, major highways, and dining places. This is particularly critical if your event will span multiple days or if you’ll be hosting out-of-town guests.

2. Capacity Of The Venue

Before considering any factors, you must determine the number of guests who will certainly attend your special event. Determining the attendees will help you know the suitable size for your event.

There is venue management that provides function rooms of 95 square meters and accommodates 70 banquet-style table setups. Additionally, some offer rooms up to 400 square meters in size and can host 300 banquet-style table setups. Of course, this will all depend on the requirements of your event.

3. Parking Space


When you arrive at your prospect venue, check the parking space and find out how many cars can fit in there. For exceptional events with distinguished attendees, it is possible that valet parking will be required. Moreover, if there isn’t a parking lot available, check whether any secure parking places are available close by.

While ample parking is frequently overlooked, selecting the ideal private event venue is critical. For example, a secure and well-lit parking lot is critical for evening events. In contrast, a sufficient number of accessible parking spaces is critical for a banquet facility hosting many people.

4. Amenities And Inclusions

You’ll want to consider the amenities included in the venue you wish to host your special event and any additional benefits you’ll obtain if you book the location. Don’t forget to inquire about any venue inclusions.

For instance, many wedding venues will include audio equipment and a wedding cake in their package, which will help you cut down a bit on your expenses. On a side note, an event location that offers food services may give you discounts.

Moreover, consider the following questions:

  • Will there be enough tables and chairs to cater to your guests?
  • Will there be a kitchen available for catering services to use?
  • Is there a cleanup crew on hand to ensure the event venue is spotless prior to and following the event?

Moreover, knowing more about your attendees might assist you in determining the appropriate questions to ask about the event venue provider’s services and amenities. If there are disabled guests, the venue must provide a designated comfort room for them.

5. Layout


Making the most of your event location is critical to its success. It may be beneficial to visit your venue several times prior to the event and take photographs to help you imagine the place.

If you can obtain a comprehensive layout, this can also be beneficial in determining the precise location of all your equipment, chairs and tables, and any decorations. It must be adequately considered and handled if you have a seating plan.

6. Budget

When selecting a private venue for your special event, you must ensure that it fits within your entire budget. If you do not have a firm grip on your budget, your spending will quickly spiral.

It can be beneficial to keep an updated spreadsheet of your expenses and separate them. Generally, you’ll want to create a preliminary estimate for items like venue rental, food, entertainment, equipment rental, themed decorations, and personnel. This is, of course, contingent upon the nature of the occurrence.

7. Ambiance


Consider whether the event that you’ll be hosting will fit the venue and your sense of style. What will your celebration be about, and is the venue suitable for such an event? Is your style more formal or more casual? What about the architectural design of the inside spaces? Is the venue “just right” from the moment you enter? Choose a place that will not require a significant overhaul in decor.

The ambiance of a place has a significant impact on how your event is perceived. For instance, corporate functions attended by senior executives are more suited to a more formal occasion setting than a bar. This is when a venue’s versatility truly shines. An excellent banquet hall can accommodate any occasion style, from lively children’s birthday celebrations to stunning debuts.

Final Thoughts

Planning for the special event you’ll be hosting requires a lot of planning and effort. And whatever the nature of your private event, selecting the most appropriate event venue is critical to ensuring that your celebration is a resounding success. Take into consideration the following factors indicated above, and you’ll have no difficulty choosing what’s best.