Memorial Day
Memorial Day

LGBT Memorial Day Weekend in Pensacola- Join Now or Regret Later

Since 1960s LGBT Memorial Day party has now become a trend for local dating in the downtown and beach of Pensacola. Similar to last year, organisers are planning their best to continue the year’s long tradition by tossing a party that is greater and immeasurable than the party that you have ever seen before.

One of the owners of a Vineyard in the East Hill neighbourhood of Pensacola said that “Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola is one of the biggest parties in the Southeast,”

In addition to this, The Vineyard owner said that he is entertaining a Drinking and Dance performance on Sunday.  So, if you want to join the 3 to 8 p.m. party on Sunday then purchase the tickets of the party at $25 as soon as possible. Besides, this year, he has sold extra 300 tickets as compared to 10 tickets that were sold in the last year. So, it means that many people are showing their interest in this party.

Over the years, the event of Memorial Day weekend has grown. Besides, if you don’t believe me, then look at the total number of tickets that are sold. The main reason behind its rising popularity is that this event feels like a family reunion for several long-time attendees.

The organizers have planned some small events at several bars and restaurants this weekend. From Wednesday to Monday, you can enjoy number of huge parties at Fun Beach Club.

Besides, In Pensacola, this major event will kick off this Thursday Night at the Chizuko nightclub and bar. You can find it in 506 W. of Belmont St. For your entertainment, several pre-planned comedy nights will feature six comedians.

Throughout the weekend, The Cabaret nightclub at 101 S. Jefferson St. in downtown Pensacola will be a Centre of events because of special guests and number of local entertainers.

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To celebrate Memorial-day on the in the Pensacola beach, you can join long weekend parties. However, now only the parking place for the weekend will cost you $100. Moreover, tickets of one of the parking lot are already sold out.

Johnny Chisholm, the owner of NOLA Cafe on Pensacola Beach, has arranged a number of parties at the east of beach’s Park. However, only parking for this weekend will cost you $100, and in fact, one of the most shocking news is that one beach parking lot that is chosen for the event has already been sold out.

However, if you want to go as an individual at a party, then the tickets will cost you $70, besides, the weekend pass to all the parties will cost you $180 for a normal pass and $350 for a VIP ticket.

In terms of tickets sales, there is an increase of 14% in the advance purchase of tickets over the last year. Even, Chisholm, who organises this show for more than 26 years, has said that” We have sold tickets to people from all 50 states and six foreign countries. It’s going to be a big weekend.”

The beach attractions will start from this Thursday Night, and it will include several events like glow party, beach ball swimsuit gathering. In addition to this, for various dance parties, the event will feature Top DJs for the entertainment of the audience.

Regulations set by Authorities for this LGBT Memorial Day weekend

  • You can use Pop-up canopies without sides but make sure to remove canopy covers before leaving the beach.
  • Remove chairs, Tables, and ice chests before leaving the beach.
  • Guy Wires supported Canopies are not allowed.
  • You cannot charcoal grills as it may lead to flames.
  • Don’t take a pet with yourself.
  • No overnight camping is allowed.



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