Leaky Gut Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Solution to Insect-Resistant Crops?

Would you believe when I say that Plants have the ability to influence “Leaky Gut Syndrome” of the gut lining in insects? No….not at all. Besides, even I wouldn’t believe. Until recently when I found out that researchers at Penn State had a breakthrough in their study.

Well, according to new research published on July 22 edition of Penn state, there is a chance that Plants may influence “leaky gut syndrome” to protect themselves from being eaten by insects. These findings can help in contributing to the development of new pest control methods.

Charles Mason, a postdoctoral scholar in entomology, stated that” We found that a combination of physical and chemical defences in corn plants can disrupt the protective gut barriers of fall armyworms, creating opportunities for gut microbes to invade their body cavities. This can cause septicemia, which can kill the insect, or simply trigger an immune response, which can weaken the insect.”

The Actual Study for Leaky Gut Syndrome

As far as the study of this project is concerned, the researchers used lab stored armyworms. These worms were vaccinated by three naturally occurring different types of Gut Bacteria. The researchers gave three different types of maize to the insects.

Out of these three maizes, the first one has several hairs on the leaves for the defence against herbivorous. The second one has few short trichomes & the third one produces an enzyme that hast has the capability to make the gut lining of Predator a lot weaker.

Evaluation of Leaky Gut Syndrome on Armyworms

To evaluate the condition of Maze & each Armyworms, the team of researchers used a scanning electron microscope. After their intense examination, the researchers found 3 different types of Gut Bacteria in the Insects. Based on the result, scientists confirmed that plants have a defence mechanism that can prevent the insects from destroying the plants.

In relation to this, Charles Mason said: “Our results reveal a mechanism by which some plants use insects’ gut microbiota against them in collaboration with their own defences.”

Professor & Head of Department of Entomology department said these results can give a new understanding of plant defences. In relation to this, he said that “In the context of our study, disparate plant defences, such as leaf trichomes and plant enzymes, all require certain gut microbes for their optimal defence against herbivores. “Our results predict that the variation in the effectiveness of plant defences in nature maybe, in significant part, due to the variability observed in the microbial communities of insect guts.

Moreover, the team behind this study revealed that in the near future, this research can provide great help in developing Insect-resistant crops. In the end, Manon Said,” It may be advantageous to ‘stack’ plant defences that target the insect gut in order to create a ‘leaky gut’ that exposes the insect to microbial assaults on their immune system.

Final Words

I will end the post by weighing on the possibility of this study. If the implementation of this study is done right that “Leaky Gut Syndrome” can be one heck of a solution for developing insect-resistant crops. That’s all for now. Do let me know your views in the comment section given below.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Solution to Insect-Resistant Crops? 1

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