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Vegas is a city of extremes: this is where champions are born, careers made and broken, global audiences captivated. Today we’re taking a look back at the history books of the biggest, best, and most memorable fights in Las Vegas. We factored in excitement and hype, viewership, and many other factors. There were many worthy contenders who narrowly missed out on making this coveted Top 3 list, but we believe the bottom line speaks for itself and won’t disappoint. Here we go! You can also check betting and casino options on

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#1: Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II


Already in December 2018, the two heavyweight champions Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury competed against each other. The fight ended in a disputed draw after twelve rounds. Both boxers then declared themselves the winners of the fight.

The referees, however, had different opinions. In 2020, the two boxing stars took revenge and returned to Las Vegas. The fight marked an important moment in the history of the sport. The sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena became the setting for the battle of the giants. Of course, both of them swore that this time they would win and knock out the opponent.

Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury quickly took over in the legendary fight and established himself as the dominant force . In the third round, Fury caught Wilder with his right hand and knocked the American down – it went on like that for the rest of the fight, he continued to dominate.

After round 7 it was stopped early because Wilder’s health was in danger. With that, Fury was crowned champion. Not many expected Fury to demonstrate such an aggressive attacking style to a proven knockout artist like Wilder. But a third round is already certain – a revenge should take place this year.

#2: Thomas Hearns vs. Ray Leonard


This fight is a little longer ago – it took place in 1981. From the moment it was announced, he had all the makings of a blockbuster fight that will move the masses. 23,618 spectators found space at Caesars Palace in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and filled the arena on September 16th of this year.

As expected by the audience, the boxers used different tactics: Leonard boxed from afar and Hearns stalked. Leonard struggled with Hearns’ long reach and sharp jab. Fists swung back and forth and by the fifth round it looked like Leonard might not be able to continue due to a rapidly swelling eye injury. Hearns already had a sizable lead.

Nevertheless, he fought on and Hearns also presented a strong finale. The roles were reversed: Leonard became the stalker and Hearns became the boxer. “Sugar” Ray Leonard ended up being crowned world champion. The fight is so exciting that it can definitely be said: simply one of the best fights in Las Vegas!

#3: Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield


The early 1990s were marked by a wave of optimism and euphoria. The Berlin Wall had fallen, Communism had been repealed, and Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States 10 days before that fight. Heavyweight boxing continued to rise in popularity, and the fight between Bowe and Holyfield has gone down as one of the biggest in Las Vegas boxing night history.

The first of the three fights was action packed and charged. The two men desperately tried to impose their fighting style in the ring and the audience could see a constant switch between plans and tactics. Bowe began to gain the upper hand, and round after round the referees awarded him the win, narrowly but nonetheless.

Despite this, the tension gradually increased during the fight and the fighters risked everything to fight for the points awarded by the judges. Holyfield uses his strategy of intruding and getting up close to try and disrupt Bowes’ rhythm.

But that evening belonged to the well-conditioned Riddick Bowe, who could withstand Holyfield’s unrelenting intensity well, utilizing his well-timed jabs in perfect combinations. Bowe won this first of three fights between the two men. It was the beginning of a legendary rivalry!

Conclusion: Las Vegas Boxing Matches Are Unique

Fights in Las Vegas will always have a unique atmosphere. Millions of dollars are made here by fighters who have made it to the upper echelons of this sport. Las Vegas is rightly regarded as the absolute hotspot of sports.

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