Is Investing in Cryptocurrency Still a Good Idea – 2024 Guide

The crypto world continues to intrigue the public in 2024 as well. A great effort was made in the previous year by enthusiasts to make the world aware of the importance of implementing this digital financial system. But, cryptocurrency has it’s positive and negative sides that should be considered before entering the game with large amounts. Currencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, and many others, are known for dropping and climbing fast in value, which only brings you to the question, should you be investing with high risk? Through this guide we’ll show you potential improvements that may follow in this market in 2024, then you can decide if this type of investing suits you.

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The investing


Whether you’re investing in a business, property, or cash, chances are still very unsafe. This typical investment is riskier than others because the expense rates are never still, they are volatile.

As an example, the Bitcoin currency can drop from $20,000 to $1,000 in minutes. With this, risking to spend such a fragile expense rate, is unnecessary and dangerous.

Another downside to cryptocurrencies is that it’s all still unknown. To become part of this world, you must at least understand how it operates. Transfering to unknown territory could lead to consequences.

If you are set on spending in the new payment system, be prepared for volatility. In the beginning, try conservatory investments, that way, you risk losing lower amounts. Diversification is another good investment strategy. Spread your particular amount of money on multiple different cryptocurrencies.

The appeal behind cryptocurrencies

The appeal is mainly their success in the future. Providing now could potentially better the chances for Bitcoin becoming the leading payment system. Users rush to buy or invest at lower prices.

The lack of central authority is also one of the main appeals. Although it feels safer knowing no one but you has control of your spendable balance, it also presents a challenge in the future for currencies like Bitcoin.

Inflation eroding is a bonus for these currencies. Bitcoin set its limit at 21 million units, which is one of the many reasons why Bitcoin holds the first place in cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are about 2.8 million units left to mine. Mining is one of the many options for earning Bitcoin, but also the most complex. It takes hours for your computer to finish its mining, in some cases even days, but it’s overall the best strategy for earning the most units.

Exchange and payment


Currently, investing in crypto coins might be a good option, but it’s not the only one. A lot of businesses around the world accept cryptocurrencies, which means you can buy services and items in exchange for tokens. Big companies nowadays accept cryptocurrencies as a source of payment, but not everyone.

There is also trading as an option, websites and apps make trading cash to Bitcoin tokens very easy. Trading is quick and efficient, and less risky.

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Mentioned blockchains only record transactions and movement of crypto coins or digital money, but not the exchange of different currencies. This problem could spread business for dishonest traders, and no one could complain about them either, because there’s no central authority. If these concerns by users are not addressed, they can reduce Bitcoin’s supporters for two-way transactions, but one-way transactions wouldn’t be affected by this issue and would continue to grow.

The long-awaited entry of institutional investors

One of the first things expected in 2024, which heralds a bright crypto future, is the long-awaited increase in the number of institutional investors. The entry of institutions into the crypto world is a very important step towards an even greater popularization of this digital financial system.

The advantage of institutional investors over individual ones is the higher volume of trade. This further implies that a smaller number of trading partners to conduct transactions is sufficient for the survival of the digital monetary system.

Greater participation of institutional investors can be achieved in several ways. But one of the best potential events for the realization of this goal this year is the placement of cryptocurrencies on some important stock exchanges such as the Nasdaq.

Bitcoin ETF


As a significant investment tool, making it easier for investors to diversify their investments, the availability of ETF versions of digital currencies to at least major investors would be a crucial step forward.

Crypto enthusiasts have spent a lot of time working to make this possible. However, this request has been repeatedly rejected by the American Securities and Exchange Commission. However, it is considered that there is a potential for a change soon, taking into account the great commitment of the VanEck fund.

This step could provide great progress for the crypto world, especially for investors who want to participate, but who do not want and do not have time to deal with additional risks.

Expansion of stablecoins

One of the leading problems, as we mentioned earlier, is the high volatility of digital coins. The expansion of stablecoins should minimize this problem.

These are digital tokens that are in some way connected with the fiat currency and their role is to maintain the stability of the value of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, they are considered a great potential for the progress of the crypto industry in 2024.

Expansion of stablecoins is expected as a solution for long-term token instability. One of the first stablecoins to be noticed in the market was Tether (USDT). Other tokens are slowly starting to appear, entering the game with the same goal.

Is it a good time to invest?


The last halving of Bitcoin happened in May 2024, and since then, Bitcoin’s value doubled. Investing now is the best option. However, it’s still better to buy at a lower price, and sell it later on for higher.

To explain what halving is – Every four years, the value of one crypto unit splits in half. It can be significant or barely noticeable. The halving could be a bigger problem for miners.

It’s always better to invest after the halving with some of the listed strategies.

Overall, investing in anything can be risky, but if you play the field smart, your chances of a positive outcome become higher. Cryptocurrencies are still developing and are slowly overpowering the world. With this rate in the future, our payment system could completely change as we know it. We still aren’t sure if the change will be good or bad, but adapting to the possibility isn’t such a bad idea.