Don’t use these apps on your iPhone; otherwise, you have to pay a lot

If you are using an iPhone either for your official work or your personal use, then this article is significant for you; otherwise, you will have to pay a lot.

Yes, you read it right ……….. You can even run out of pocket.

You will be astonished to know that, according to Sophos, more than 30 popular applications in the apple apps store are fleece are. Furthermore, according to the Avast security researchers, three VPN’s in the apple apps store is not providing services they are actually promoting and also overcharging you.

So, in this article, you get to know about all those apps that are fleece are according to different researchers that you should delete from your phones.

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Report from Avast Researchers

According to Avast researchers, these three VPN’s apps are fleeceware. Wondering what Fleeceware is?

Fleeceware are those apps that are overcharging their customers for various functionalities which are free to download initially or are low-cost apps. 

Let’s check these VPN’s fleeceware apps-

  • Beetle VPN
  • Buckle VPN
  • Hat VPN Pro

Initially, when you check reviews of these apps, you will not believe us because all the above apps are highly-rated, but when you use them, you will definitely mark our words. 

You can easily download these games from the app store as they are free to download but to use the services after the trial period, you have to make in-app purchases, and charges are $9.99.

If the price doesn’t seem wrong, please let me clear it is per week price and $519 a year. Isn’t it malicious? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. 

If you think the game is over here, then you need to rethink because Avast researchers downloaded the app and take the subscription also, but when they attempted to use the VPN, they were asked to buy the access as the message prompts on their screen. But after that, the app showed the error message reminding them they had the subscription already, so they are unable to fulfill connection to VPN.

The point is that even if they can complete their offerings still, the services are overpriced and absurd and will be giving considerable bills to you.

Coming back to the ratings, researchers are of the view that reviews are maybe spurious. Miserably, these apps are still in the apple store, so make an appropriate decision regarding these apps. 

Now, let’s move to the report of the Saphos

Well, the same is the case with these 30 popular apps- you can download these apps for free, and as soon as your trial period finishes, you will start getting messages for taking the subscription, and you will get grabbed in it with a hefty bill.

It is important to remark here that even though paid subscriptions are universal on App store, Saphos says that these apps don’t offer any specialized extra-feature to the users who are free to use apps.

Here, is a list of some of the apps from the Saphos report – that are overcharging from you:

  • Selfie Art – Photo Editor
  • Picsjoy-Cartoon Effect Editor
  • Face Aging Scan-AI Age Camera
  • CIAO – Live Video Chat
  • Video Recorder / Reaction
  • Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor
  • Banuba: Face Filters & Effects
  • Max Volume Booster
  • mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker
  • WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker
  • Avatar Creator – Cartoon Emoji
  • iMoji – Cartoon Avatar Emojis
  • Curiosity Lab-Fun Encyclopedia
  • Quick Art: 1-Tap Photo Editor
  • Celeb Twin – Who you look like

If you are using these apps and change or cancel your subscription, then there is a way to do so by canceling through subscription options in your app store.

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The only benefit of taking the subscription of any app is when the app offers specialized features that are not available in free to use apps, and even if they are charging, it should be reasonable. 

If you are using any of the above applications, then it is the right time to cancel the subscription and turns to alternative free to use apps.

If you still have a query or we have missed any vital point, let us know below. Moreover, if you want to know about any other app, let us know in the comment section.