Hyperx Cloud MIX
Hyperx Cloud MIX

Hyperx Cloud MIX – Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth

The competition among the best gaming headset is a steep one, and every associated model is struggling to either maintain or improve their position. Hyperx Cloud MIX is one of the high-end gaming headsets with so much to offer in terms of quality performance. The model brags explicitly of its high-end audio feature, refined design, and more so its Bluetooth connectivity feature. 

Because of its super cool design and excellent Bluetooth connectivity, this model remains one of the most outstanding headsets you will want to have for your gaming. As a multipurpose device, you can use it at various places and for various audio listening activities such as watching movies, listening to music from your phone or any other. 

Through its Hi-Res Audio-certified speakers, the headset produces high-quality sound, well equalized, and ultimately clear. Also, it comes with a noise-canceling microphone that offers premium headsets best for any of your gaming.

In this review, we will discuss more facts and features making the Hyperx Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth a must-buy item. 

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Hyperx Cloud MIX

You will mostly recognize this model with its HyperX logo printed on it earcup. If you thought it is a complicated design, it isn’t. Instead, it is a simple one with useably cool features any gamer would want for a headset.  

The Cloud Mix comes to a leatherette covered headband, plain plastic earcups, and aluminum yolks cropping from the headband. Most of its entire sections feature soft-touch materials, which makes it more comfortable to hold in hands and use. 

This product also features a detachable braided cable, which is always not too long. Within the wire, you will find the volume controller wheel conveniently placed for quick adjustments. 

Also, it has a mute button, which will quickly help you stop the audio instantly and not just lowering the volume. The detachable features as well extend to its microphone.

You can, therefore, have your microphone attached when only you need it. Otherwise, you can as well detach it to add more lightness to its overall weight –to add more comfort. 

When switched to Bluetooth mode, the control is quite simple. You have all the control buttons on its right ear cup. However, it is only a playback/ assistant button that is on its left cup.

Due to its great flexibility, the Cloud Mix headset is a perfect fit for all users regardless of head size. Its headband can twist and bend with ease. Because of this, you can effectively adjust your boom mic to that position most favorable to you. 

The Cloud Mix headset only weighs 9.1oz (0.26kg) – such a lightweight you can comfortably carry on your head much longer. Also, because of its excellent foam padding, on the earmuffs and headband, it forms such a comfortable headset excellent for gaming. 

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This product is no gaming only asset. You can use it to listen to music, watch movies, Skype and do a lot more associated with audio listening and still get quality sound out of it. It is also one that you can rely on for excellent compatibility. You can use it for PC games, Xbox and PS4.

Hyperx Cloud MIX
Hyperx Cloud MIX

Key Features of Hyperx Cloud MIX

Frequency: The HyperX Cloud Mix headset comes with 40mm drivers, which offer frequency responses between ranges of 10Hz to 40 kHz. As for that, it earns a Hi-Res certification. Its microphone, on the other hand, provides even more comprehensive frequency responses.

Bluetooth: This headset supports both the 4.2 and the AptX codec Bluetooth; hence you should not expect any loss in the audio quality. Due to its long-life battery, 20-hours on a single charge, you will be able to listen to your audio for a much longer time with no interruptions.

Wired Connection: Wired connection gives as well the full frequency responses of both mic and the headphones. It allows the production of clear bass separate from the mids and highs. 

Comfort: HyperX Cloud Mix offers ultimate comfort via its quality padding on its headband as well as the earmuffs. Also, it is one device that weights ultimately less – only 0.26 Kgs. meaning you can have it over your head for a more prolonged time. 

Durability: The make structure of this headset only involves those high-quality materials of aluminum, leather, and foams. Either of these materials ensure high durability.

HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers: This product ensures less to no sound distortion


  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Bluetooth
  • Multi-purpose
  • Quality frequency response


  • Tight clamping
  • Not durable

Frequently Answered Questions

Q- Are HyperX Cloud Mix headsets only for gaming?

A- No, it is a multipurpose device used for varied audio listening activities. You can use it for games, listening to music on mobile, watch movies and a lot more. 

Q- Can it work with my Xbox S?

A- Hyperx Cloud Mix is a highly compatible headset you can use for several games and gaming boxes. You can play pS4 with it, PC games and even Xbox.

Q- How do I make sure the response frequency is high?

A- You must confirm that all the wired connections are proper. Also, ensure the gaming software you are using has the best settings for either your microphone or headset. 

Q- Where can I buy the Hyperx Cloud Mix?

A- Only certified dealer shops you can get an original model. You can either shop for it online from a local shop. 


From its overall design, the Hyperx cloud mix is a decent headset design suitable for multi-purpose use. It comes with some of the spectacular features making it a much better performer than so many other models in its category. Among these are the HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers, Bluetooth option, and comfort padding. 

Despite all these glittering features, there are some flaws with the performance nature of some of them. For instance, there is a tight soundstage limitation when it comes to Hi-Res audio in a wired connection. Unlike many other models in the market with AptX, this Bluetooth headset sells at a much higher price. Also, as much as it might feel comfortable still, its clamping is a bit tight. After wearing it for a prolonged time, you’ll begin experiencing the discomfort.

This headset might be the best for many people; however, you could find those with similar features but at a lower price.