How To Dispose Items That Cannot Be Sold Or Donated & Are Too Big For Your Bin

Some household items like an old bicycle or an old bed may be old and damaged to be sold off or donated; then, in such a case, you can get it back to the original manufacturer (take-back scheme), or you can dispose of it in a safe and sound manner.

In case you have been wondering about your old bulky waste disposal, you can find here bulky waste disposal facilities for clearing your house in a safe and hassle-free manner.

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Disposing Of Unusable Bulky Wastes

Try Dismantling The Bulky Piece


The biggest problem with disposing of heavyweight objects is that transporting or carrying them is a considerable challenge. So if you wish to make the disposal process smooth and easy, you can dismantle the individual components.

Most large-sized beds can be assembled after they have been transported to the destination. So the same rules should apply even while disposing of them. Moreover, a bed or a bicycle as a whole may no longer be usable, but its components and parts can still be put to use.

So if your old bicycle can no longer move properly, you can still use its tires for a new bicycle, or you can use the tires as a DIY (do it yourself) decor item for your living room.

However, you should not dismantle an object if you do not know the right way to dismantle it. You may end up creating a bigger mess and may even injure yourself if you do not know how to remove the component parts.

So if you are inexperienced, you can always take the help of a professional bulky waste clearing and disposal company to dismantle and then safely dispose of your waste.

Hire A Skip For Sometime

If your waste is such that it cannot be dumped along with the regular municipal waste, you can hire your skip for some time. A skip is a specific vehicle that is used for waste disposal. They come in varying capacities, so depending on the weight of the waste that you wish to dispose of, you can hire a four-ton, six-ton or even a twelve-ton skip.

Most skips are shaped like trapezius. The waste can be easily loaded on a lorry or another vehicle using a skip. Skips can be open-air, or they can come with a cover. However, for most household wastes, open-air skips are good enough.

Hiring a skip for a week or so before you are up for a mass clean-up session in your house is a great idea. If you place the skip near your house, you will not have to worry about disturbing the aesthetics of your house, and you will be able to rid yourself of all the bulky waste in a cost and time-effective manner.

Enroll In A Annual Government Recycling Plan


Many governments realize that disposing of bulky waste is a major problem for their citizens. So the governments themselves help dispose of such waste. They guide citizens to strike a deal with a recycling yard or a mobile recycling unit for an annual to collect and recycle components of bulky waste.

If you have to discard an old television set that can no longer be used, then you cannot simply put it in a landfill as it may contain lead, mercury etc. Both these heavy metals are dangerous for the nervous system. So it is best to recycle it. A professional recycling company can salvage metal and glass components from an old TV set.

The metal can be sent to a scrap yard, and the glass can be crushed and reused almost entirely. So when you choose to recycle, you not only contribute positively to the environment but also rid yourself of getting into legal hassles related to hazardous waste disposal.

Hire A Professional Clearing And Disposal Company

A professional clearing and disposal company will take away bulky waste and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. Professionals know how to transport the waste without causing any damage to the residential property.

However, when you hire a company, negotiate the terms of the contract clearly. Most companies allow cancellation up to forty eight hours before the scheduled clearing. However, the entire booking amount may not get refunded in case of cancellations.

It is also prudent to see if the company has expertise in using heavy-duty skips or cranes for clearing heavyweight wastes. Always go for a company that has a lot of experience in operating in your locality.

Go For A Take-Back Offer


Many companies have take-back offers wherein they allow the end-user to return the used product when the product loses its utility. Manufacturers of electronic devices have comprehensive take-back offers to encourage the recycling of core components.

According to a United Nations report, around 30% of the cobalt used in electronic items is recycled. However, the technology to recycle cobalt has the capability to recycle around 90%. Hence, the recycling machinery is grossly underused, and this is quite unfortunate.

In fact, recycled metals are up to ten times more efficient than metals that are harvested from fresh ores. So by not recycling, you are doing twofold harm to the environment.

Firstly, you are extracting new ore and depleting a scarce resource. Secondly, you are forcing manufacturers to use less energy-efficient components in electronic goods.

So if your old TV, refrigerator or washing machine has a take-back offer, definitely make use of it.


Lowering the amount of waste generated and reducing unnecessary wants is the best way to deal with the menace of consumerism. But at times, disposing of goods becomes essential, and the problem becomes all the more acute if it is a bulky waste that can neither be sold nor given to charity. It is best to hire a professional clearing and disposal company for clearing bulky wastes, as this will ensure safe disposal without violating any statutory norms.