How Much Money Can You Win from Slot Games?

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How Some of the Online and Slot Games Can Help Increase Your Income

When you think about slot games, we often don’t place emphasis on how much money we can win at the end of the day because we sit there in front of them without a bucket of coins and keep inserting them into the slot machines hoping to get a big payout, but have you ever considered how much when you use the right strategies, can you win?

Let’s touch base on this concept. Simply put, the payout of winnings is the average amount that players receive or that is returned to them in winnings. How much you wager will depend on the amount you start with and how much you play within each reel or round. There may not be a specific amount you can win, however, the average number will depend on your gameplay and of course, the more you spin, the more your chances of winning.

The Mechanics behind Slot Machines


Every machine has its average percentage payout. According to the popular online resource ‘game sense’, they contain random number generators which are designed to generate hundreds if not thousands of numbers per second, and these have their combination of symbols. By ‘symbols’ we mean the different images on the reels, a bell, a flower, a fruit for instance. Each of the spins is independent of any future or previous spins you may have made. Because of this rule, it is not easy to predict the next play i.e. the combination of symbols you will get next.

Different Kinds of Slot Machines


There are a number of different types of slot machines, for instance, some with pay lines to bet on per play or round, while others may have their unique combinations like two of a kind or three of a kind. If you are in doubt, the majority of these machines in casinos have instructions on them for you to make sure you understand before you put your money into it.

You can get the ‘3 reel slot machine’, ‘mega spin slots’ or ‘progressive slots’ and more. To find out more this guide on the various options of slot machines can give you more of an insight.

To put it simply, the payout percentage is the average amount of money that will be returned to a player in the form of winnings, compared to the amount that the player wagered. The keyword here to remember is average. The payout percentage can’t guarantee how much you’ll win in one session, or even in 100, but the more spins you make, the better the chances are that your results will be closer to the machine’s payout percentage.

The Theory Behind Online Slot Machine Games


Then there are the online slot machine games, which have even better chances of winning and an assortment to choose from to suit every player. There are many ways to win at these and the misunderstanding of many players is that this is one of the easiest ways to win at any online gambling or betting game, however, although this may not be true, with the right strategy you can be sure of a guaranteed win. The role of probability plays an important part.

In physics, the role of probability is three-fold, one states that when the possibility of freedom is large, a detailed description of the circumstance is not possible, which brings us to the unpredictability of these machines. The second aspect is the opposite, when the number of degrees is small, similarly to the first point, we cannot control the outcome, and lastly, is slightly more complicated, it has to do with quantum mechanics and needs a deeper form of understanding.

However, we will not bore you with those details. To put it simply, every time you happen to click on the ‘spin’ lever or button depending on if you are playing online or not, a random combination of symbols is spitted out by the machine. This is determined by each spin and has nothing to do with the previous rounds you have already been playing.

The probability of winning every time on a slot machine is highly unlikely, however, slots also offer the biggest prizes, so in reality, everyone’s a winner. As suggested by 5starpokies, if you pay attention to the ‘return to player percentages, you may just change that theory to becoming a winner every time. This way you will know exactly how much you can play with and how much payout you will get.

Return to Player (RTP)


A term used in casinos globally for decades, the RTP concept, describes the percentage of all the money you wager on a slot game. For instance, when you play an online slot game, this is the amount you get back from your investment.

The general rule of thumb is the higher the percentage the more you may win in the long run. If you play 100% of the time, your odds are just as good as winning at any casino game. Many players have a 100% RTP rate, which means they have won every game they have played, which is not ideal for the casinos, as they lose money with this scenario.

Let us give you an example: if you have 100 x$1 in your bucket and you use all of it to make bets, your RTP would be close to 95% which means you would expect to get back $95 (the remaining $5 being the money you put in). Although any scenario can happen when you play in the short term, the longer you play the better the chances of you taking home some winnings.

So the next time you’re sitting in front of your laptop playing slots, keep this concept above in mind and see how you do. Perhaps it’s not just about luck after all!