How Are Statistics Used in Gambling – 2023 Guide

Mathematics works in such a way that the house always has a significant advantage over gamblers. However, a number of factors affect the outcome. If you want to become a successful bookmaker, it is important to do your own static analysis. You will do this by identifying the variables that have the greatest impact on the outcome of the competition. Consider the estimates of the probabilities and expectations that the bookmaker has. You can find more about it in the rest of the text.

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Basic statistics


If you want to find an adequate way to choose a bet, simply decide on the odds you like and then conduct a survey. Do your homework, and you will find the chances you like as soon as possible. Instead of relying solely on your feelings, learn as much useful information about competitors as possible and upgrade your basic knowledge. Start with a basic event such as a football match.

Now you need some more information to know how to bet. It would be a step further to watch the team’s recent and upcoming matches. This includes all information which is constantly provided by UFABET. The more data you collect, the more you will earn on your newly acquired knowledge. That way you will know when to avoid, which quotas are worthwhile, etc.

Statistical data

It is not enough just to find data sources that you will constantly process, it is important what you do with the information obtained. They need to be put together properly to make them look as a whole. If you have recorded all the information, use tables like other bookmakers to establish a more detailed analysis and get results. For example, include data such as the number of shots, shots on goal, goalkeeper defense, etc. The main goal is to get your own probability of outcome, which in this case is the total number of goals. When you compare that with the bookmaker’s odds, you get the default probability. Remember that not all bookmakers give the same predictions and if you want to find the most profitable odds, compare them in different places.

Regression analysis


When we talk about statistical analysis in sports betting, it is mostly about regression analysis. It is a set of rules used to determine the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. While the dependent variable is the winning one, the independent variable is any statistic recorded during the competition. Your task is to find factors that have a strong correlation with the victory, but are not obvious to the public. Prepare for a lot of effort, because the research will take time. You will have to process a larger set of data, but trust us, the reward is worth it.

For example, if you are researching an NFL team you should first access their historical data. Then you will see how many times the team won and you will get a percentage of statistical significance. This is just one of the factors that you will consider in order to get an idea of the variables that affect victory and defeat. It is also important to determine the degree of that influence, because some variables are statistically more significant than others. The more important it is, the more correlated it will be with the victory. As you can see, regression analysis serves as a powerful tool for predicting results. That is why it is a very popular technique used by various sports bookmakers.

Bayesian Network

In addition to regression analysis, you can use additional tools to predict results. Based on that, you will be able to identify potential problems within the team. Once you have determined the primary strengths of the teams using previously collected data, you can move on to the next task. Think like a betting expert who will consider starting running or something else. This analysis will help you predict some things that affect the outcome.

Individual predictions


In the end, many people do not follow the strategies of professionals, but devise their own methods. There is no reason why you should not try to rely on your own statistics. Just try to do the same thing as them. So, start with the analysis of relevant data. Although it is not an easy job and it will take you some time to become really good at it, it is very worth every effort. This is the basis of any statistical prediction. In that case, you can opt for one of the analytical methods or even several of them. Experiment until you figure out which one best suits your betting needs. Also rely on the advice of other people who have enough knowledge or experience in this.

If you are not sure that you will be good enough in predicting the outcome, decide on a certain sport that you know best. And don’t forget the different types of software solutions you can use to collect data. This technology will help you properly collect, sort and process the collected data. Software can be crucial to your statistical analysis. Until you decide to start the analysis yourself, feel free to rely on professionals, because they definitely know what they are doing.

Disadvantages of statistics

Although reliable statistical analyzes will increase your chances of success and in many cases bring you a profit, you must not forget the surprise factors. Therefore, strategies, software solutions and other methods should be seen as helpful. It’s also one way to reduce the advantage of a betting company trying to dominate you and other players.

There are factors that are above historical statistics, such as weather conditions, injuries, difficult match schedule, etc. Statistics are just one of the factors to consider. Don’t forget that some historical team information can lead you astray. Think about how important the previous matches between the two teams were and whether there has been a change of manager in the meantime. These are just two examples of limitations you can expect.


Statistics have long been used in gambling and it gives players a better feeling. As a result, they have greater self-confidence, are more confident in their decisions and practice confirms better success. However, there are many limitations that you need to be aware of, which is why you should not rely solely on statistics.