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Google Home

GOOGLE HOME? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

In this growing modern era where each day has been added up with a virtual reality or voice controlled gadget. This day by day advancement makes your life easier or in other words making every minute of life more productive. The advent of smart speakers or you can say voice controlled speakers gave a new definition to some of our daily life works. As some works, you can do freely just by saying a few words and the virtual assistant will order that work on your behalf.

Google Home is a new age voice-controlled speaker who works for you as a virtual assistant. By this Google is showing their voice control search expertise to the world, The device is made for people who believe in digital living and want to explore it as soon as possible. You can be a part of this digital ecosystem by taking a Google home for yourself.

Google Home
Google Home

Do I need a Google Home?

As Google is an essential part of your daily life and you want a voice-controlled speaker for playing music or controlling your smart home devices than Google Home is a perfect choice. Being a newcomer as compared with Amazon Echo, the Home proved its worth through its great workability. It surprises you with its ability to track your query based on the last input done by you. Google Home is integrated with Google services, like calendar, music, mail etc. After a recent update now speaker can work with multiple Google accounts and recognise your voice as well.

It is a great option as you can control various devices from a list of 100 brands. Now you get a video version of Home in its Mini and Max models. Another thing to be noted that Lenovo and JBL have launched its speakers with a display screen that is compatible with Google Home. At the last, if you talk about looks the Google Home comes with a replaceable base with seven colour options you can choose one to suites your mood or interior of a home.

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How does it work?

If you talk about the working mechanism of Google Home than you will get great information here. The Home works with Google Assistance which is a voice recognition system you get with Google Pixel phone as well. The Home always listens to your conversation by its two built-in far-field microphones. But it gets activated only by saying trigger words that are “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. To avoid accidental triggering while discussing your day to day tasks related to Google.

The speaker is restricted to respond by just saying Google also no button is visible only a microphone mute button is placed at the back. When you trigger it the top four led light indicates that Home is listening to your query. Touch the upper touch sensitive part to increase and decrease the volume by checking its led indication. That’s all the functions you get with Google Home speaker and control it by above-given ways.

Limitations Of Google Home

The Home is efficient to do multitasking, Understand by an Example You can ask it to switch off your lights and start streaming your favourite movie on TV without saying Hey Google in between the sentence. A Google Home can tackle not more than two commands at a moment and also you can access only one person calendar and shopping list with a speaker.

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Is My Privacy is in Risk While using it in my Home?

You know that Google home is always listening to your conversation for its trigger words and all your requests are being sent to a cloud server for processing. It uses the information to make other services more friendly by tailoring in accordance with your queries. You can observe the change in your Gmail ads by changing your home queries google never hides this use of information. You can also check My Activity Web Page as you can also delete items you from your record. But Google suggests that deleting entire things will result in less improving or an inefficient personal assistant.  You can read complete privacy policy given on app to understand it.

To ensure your privacy google has taken various steps like no third party software is allowed to run on Home. All Softwares is checked by Cryptographically verified boot process before it runs on it. The Communication between Home and Google cloud services are cryptographically protected by Google. Even all updates are done automatically by Google.

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Future of Google Home

In May 2019, Google announced Nest Hub Max which a larger speaker than smaller nest hub. It includes a 10-inch display screen with a front camera that can be used for video calls or as a security camera. This can be disabled by a back button but the microphone will not work if the camera is disabled. Now many companies are coming up with their own model of smart speakers that makes a bigger space for experiments. So, I think in future you can have various types of great smart speakers as right now it is in the infant stage.

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So, Dive in future by using futuristic Google Home in your offices or home. Kindly share your experience with the product. Also, mention if you are using any other smart speaker and do you find it useful. I would love to hear your thoughts about the content So, fill up the comment box below what you want in future to be covered here. Till then enjoy your life by adding technology to it.


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