Business Opportunities with Proxies

Getting More Business Opportunities with Proxies

With the increase in cyber crimes that lead to data breaches, leaked contracts, and exposure of sensitive information, anonymous browsing has become a norm to most businesses.

Using proxies to browse the internet protects your brand from cookie thieves. These are hackers who exploit valid computer sessions to gain unauthorised access to data in a computer system.

But proxies in business do more than provide network protection. They help with decision making, marketing, customer relationships management, and product creation, which allow companies to achieve growth.

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What is a Proxy?

This is software that stands between a device that is connecting to the web and the web server. The proxy server comes with an IP address attached to a specific location. Rather than read the device’s real information, the web server reads the proxy’s IP.

Exchange of data between the web server and the device occurs without revealing the device’s IP, enabling anonymous browsing.

There are two main types of proxies.

Data center proxies

These are proxies issued by a cloud server provider. They are artificially made and do not rely on an internet service provider or internet connection. Data center proxies provide a high-speed connection and are available in large numbers.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the most legit proxies you can find. Internet service providers issue them to homeowners. The high legitimacy makes these proxies very reliable and highly undetectable.

How to Use Proxies in Business and Get More Opportunities

1) Competition Intelligence

By using proxies, you can keep track of your competitors’ marketing strategies and product releases so that you never lose your market share.

In addition, keeping track of what your competitors’ customers are saying regarding their brand provides insight into the competitors’ weaknesses. You can come up with a solution to these pain points, market this solution effectively, and grab a larger market share.

2) Improved Customer Satisfaction

One of the easiest ways to expand your market without investing much in marketing campaigns is through customer referrals. But your customers will only refer to your business if they are satisfied with your products and services.

By using proxies, you can extract data related to your brand from review websites and social media channels. Act on the customers’ complaints and use it to gain insight into the areas of your business that need improvement.

3) Marketing Optimization

Marketing campaigns are necessary for the growth of any business. But you will only get results if your marketing efforts are achieving the desired effect. By using proxies, you can avoid ad fraud. The proxy enables you to visit websites like a regular user and confirm that your ads are displayed on the right website, well placed, and visible to your target audience.

You can also use proxies to monitor your ranking on search engines and assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. They make it possible to search the web like a regular user and confirm if your website ranks high on specific search queries.

4) Competitive Pricing

The prices of your products could attract or repel a potential customer. With so many e-commerce sites in the market, most buyers will compare options and settle for the best price they can get for a product.

Monitoring and tracking the prices in e-commerce sites enables you to keep track of price changes in the market and offers or discounts from your competitors. You can then set prices that are slightly below the baseline. But they should not be so low that your products lose their value.

5) Social Media Engagement

Two-thirds of internet users have social media accounts, and Facebook takes the lead with more than 2.4 billion users. Any business that does not tap into this market loses a huge opportunity to gain more customers.

To run a successful social media campaign and attract an audience, you need a page that has a large and active following. You can achieve this by opening social media accounts in bulk and using them to make your page active. Have a proxy IP assigned to each account to avoid being blocked by the website administrators.

Winding Up

Proxies in business are not just essential for network protection, but they also enable companies to achieve growth. By using proxies to extract data from websites without detection, businesses can:

  1. Set more competitive prices and attract price-sensitive customers
  2. Enhance customer satisfaction and encourage them to refer the business
  3. Understand competitors’ weaknesses and attract their dissatisfied customers

You can also use proxies to increase your social media reach and test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Data center proxies will enable you to scrape data fast. They are also available in large numbers, making them the best solution for managing numerous social media accounts.

Residential proxies will come in handy when monitoring your competitors or checking the authenticity of your ads. Always go for private proxies. They are more reliable and secure.

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