Perfect Summer Body
Perfect Summer Body

How to Stay Out of the Gym & Get a Perfect Summer Body?

Summer may seem far away, but if you don’t want your next bikini season to catch you unprepared, now is the right time to make some changes into your everyday routine and sculpt a perfect summer body.

The idea of spending hours at the gym makes many people roll their eyes – music can be annoying and too loud, it can get crowded, and it’s hard to escape the feeling that somebody’s either judging your body or your sportswear choice.

But, you can still make your beach bod dream come true while staying out of the gym if you follow these tips.

Set Your Summer Body Goals

One of the best ways to achieve your perfect summer body goals is to make an exercise plan and stick to it. Surely, every effort you put into training will have some results on your body shape and form, but only if you follow a fitness plan you can be sure that you’re working towards your own goals, as well as that you have a detailed training structure and a checklist to guide you. Another important thing is that this plan will help you avoid both under or overtraining.

There are numerous exercises you can practice anywhere and anytime without or with some basic equipment. When making a fitness plan, you should focus on the four main areas, depending on your personal goals:

  • Legs. To sculpt your legs, make sure to try front squat for woman and leg presses for your quads, as well a high-knee toe tap, side lounges, side leg, raises, calf raises, etc.
  • Back. You can target all your back muscles using some basic exercises with your own body weight, or adding dumbbells or elastic bands to your sessions. Reverse snow angels, Superman, Cobra, and Wall Slides are just a few basic moves to get you going, but if you want some more impressive results it’s a good idea include other exercises too, and align them to your workout goals.
  • Shoulders. You can have perfectly chiseled shoulders if you follow a shoulder workout routine with some basic equipment, such as dumbbells and resistance bands. Exercises such as swimmers, upright row, lateral and front raises, and the Arnold press, should be a part of your plan too.
  • Chest. Your bikini body needs well-shaped breasts, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to make them firm and perky. Starting with the famous yoga Camel Pose, chest exercises such as push-ups and plank rotations will strengthen and tone your upper body and improve your posture, and at the same time enhance your silhouette and your self-confidence.

If you’re not sure what exercises to include in your sessions, or how to do them properly, Google knows it all. You can find many really useful and relevant workouts for each body area if you just do an online search, and try out some instructional videos from YouTube. It might take some error and trial, but you will most definitely find something appropriate for your fitness level and form, making your first days of exercising much easier for your goal of a perfect summer body.

Work On Your Bikini Body In Nature

Staying out of the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you have to limit your exercise to your room. Shaping your body to fit your own bikini body ideal, will have to include some cardio too. So, consider adding some outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking or jogging to your fitness plan.

You’ll find them very beneficial for dealing with your excess fat issues and maintaining an average weight. Those activities have numerous positive effects on your body and your mind, as they speed up your metabolism, as well as boost endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, and other chemicals needed to beat the everyday stress and anxiety and enhance your performance.

Watch Your Diet and Hidrate

Still, for your exercises to be effective, you’ll have to pay attention to what you eat, too. If you gorge on pizza and hamburgers every other day, you can forget about having a flat tummy, no matter how much you train.

A good diet is a healthy diet, so think about adding some more green veggies, proteins and good fats to your plate, and cutting carbs by avoiding sugary drinks, bread and all sorts of sweets, or think about finding some healthier replacements, like infusing your water with lemon and mint leaves instead of fruit juice, and replacing your packaged snack with some walnuts or almonds.

Have Fun While Trying To Have Perfect Summer Body

You’ll find sticking to your workout goals and healthier eating habits much easier if you add a little fun to your challenge. Take your friends out for jogging, or try replacing some of your regular Saturday lunches with a hike to a nearby hill. If some of your friends want to work on their bodies too, they’ll probably need some support, so you can have occasional training together and then reward yourselves with a piece of a raw no-bake cake after the session.

Final Words

Shaping up your stunning perfect summer body will take some discipline and determination, so even when it feels hard, you have to stay positive and stick to your plan. On the other side, don’t forget that your body needs sleep and rest if you want to feel and look good, so try not to overtrain or exhaust yourself.

Have your own experience or an idea you would like to share? We’re looking forward to hearing your stories!

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