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How To Get (A) Fabulous GOLF SIMULATOR On A Tight Budget

Most of the golfers like you loves to visit on a regular schedule to the golf course. But many time demanding schedules, windy, cold or extremely hot weather makes it impossible to play. But no need to worry? With the advent of golf simulators now you can enjoy playing golf at the comfort of your indoor space.

Right now we are in a golden era if talking in terms of golf simulators as there is enough variety available at various price segments. Golf Simulators enable you to play make any place into your golf course whether it is your garage, office, Basement etc. You will be delighted to know that President Trump installed a golf simulator in The white house. Before you make your mind and choose a one it is necessary to understand some essential factors about them first.

golf simulator
golf simulator

What is a Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator is a system which enables you to play golf at your choice of indoor place. The system is a combination of software and hardware that catch club and ball throw condition. After that, a calculation has been done to simulate what ball would do in a real golf course. In other words, you can say it is a system where you play physically in the virtual world with a real feel.

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List of Best Golf Simulators

Here we have provided a list of great simulators from different price segments you can easily opt one as per your requirement and budget.


A great brand as every simulator collects and analyze shot on one and half feet of impact. Suitable for almost every space easily pick one and convert space into a golf course.

Budget Option: GC2 Smart Camera System Hitting Bay – This one comes in a range of $12000 to $25000. The system comes with GC2 camera based monitor along with a hitting bay you can also in your lawns or any outdoor space in clean weather.

Premium Option: GCHawk Overhead Launch Monitor – Comes in a range of $40000 to $45000. It contains four built-in cameras for tracking accurate ball flight and makes it more flexible as compared to other golf simulators.


Many professional golfers including Jorden Spieth, Brandt Snedeker, and Jason Ray installed Full Swing in their home. Another great fact is the players who used this ranked among various golf Tours. The main highlight is a dual tracking system empowered by infrared sensors accurately capture ball speed, launch angle, direction from the speed of light.

Budget Option: Sports Series Simulator –  Comes with an attractive price tag of $19000. Most suitable for smaller spaces comes with dual camera tracking and metal stick with fabric enclosure.

Premium Option: Pro Series Simulator – Comes in a price tag of $1,25,000 It comes with a major upgrade that is infrared tracking system. Which give’s a real like representation of your ball flight which is an exception to projection based software calculations. Offers a wide range as it contains 84 virtual courses,12 other simulator sports and many more.

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Referred by Master champion Fred Couples and installed one in his home quote his lines  “I’ve played most of these courses in real life, and both the realism and accuracy are amazing.”  This is great due to its three-camera tracking system and video swing analysis function.

Budget Option: Model 4:3 Flatscreen – Comes in a price tag of $35,000 this is a standard model comes with 10 by 13-foot Flatscreen. A comfortable nylon turf along with computer vision tracking system. Which is a quite efficient trackball swing accurately.

Premium Option: Model 4:4 Flatscreen – A great option in the price range of $65000 comes with exciting features like virtual courses, practice facilities, gaming competitions. The company provides great range but it gives more with your increased budget.


A popular brand with a wide reach as Golfzon has simulators in 48 countries. Unique software that allows you to play around the word and invite your friends to compete with them. Do you know? The company also sponsors GTour, that is the world’s first Golf Simulation Tournament. The tournament features several ranges for men and women with prize money of 1 Million.

Budget Option: Vision Standard –  Comes in a price tag of $35,000 empowers you with touch screen kiosk. The system features video swing replay and many a la carte options which you can customise as per your needs.

Premium Option: Vision Premium – Comes with a competitive price tag of $45000. A jumbo screen with refined flight tracking system along with a curved option that is available only with a higher price in other brands. In this, you also get a virtual course in the package. A variety of games available with a hitting mat that mimics.

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Congratulations as now you are fully empowered with the knowledge to find a suitable Golf simulator. The above information is correct as per my current knowledge if facing any issue with the content mention it below in comment box. Our team will try their best to answer them in our upcoming blogs. Till then stay safe and enjoy life by playing golf.




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