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Game Boy’s The Legend of Zelda Coming To Nintendo Switch

It seems like yesterday when I used to play The Legend of Zelda and the super Mario land on my Game boy. So handy and so lightweight and the best part of it was battery life. The factor that the size was very compact and you can take it anywhere you want.

Till date, the Gameboy family has sold more than 200 million units worldwide. The Gameboy turned 30 on the 31st of July and it’s still addicting, especially the classic edition which is not easy to find these days.

Game boy variants

this game actually came out with 3 separate versions, from Gameboy Original to Gameboy color and the final one is game boy advance. Looking at the classical and color, those are rarely found in the market. whereas, you can get the advanced version without any difficulties.

  • Game boy Original- This first-ever Game Boy was released on April 21, 1989, in Japan. It had 8-bit graphics. At that Tetris was one of the most popular games that children used to play in Game Boy.
  • Game boy color- Similar to the original Game Boy, the color variant was released in Japan. However, it was available 9 years later on Oct 21, 1998. Game boy Color was the last handheld device that had 8-bit graphics.
  • Game boy advance- I am very focused on this version of the game boy because it created some history back then in 2005, It has sold around 81.51 million units worldwide and released in my subcontinents and countries such as North America, Japan, China, and Europe.

Game Boy Advance Emulator

You might be thinking that if the advance version has more compatibility than the other two variants Orignal and color (pocket). With the hardware and the design, there must be an emulator on which you can play those different kinds of game. Well, I have used visual boy advance in the past and below are some of the emulators I used on it.

  • RetroArch
  • BizHawk
  • RascalBoy Advance

Game boy vs Nintendo Switch

There will be a comparison of the legend of Zelda: Link awaking on Gameboy and the new Nintendo Switch version which is coming later this year. The trailer for Nintendo was released in February and there will be a sequel of The Legend of Zelda: breath of wild going to come out this year. Besides, the first-look has already released in June. Pretty excited…..isn’t it? After looking at the trailer, I’m amazed by the high graphics and 3D characters in it as compared to the 2D version that I played in my Gameboy.

My list of top 5 Game boy Games:

When it comes to gaming then it is my jam and I couldn’t resist myself to play it. When I had my GBA also abbreviate for Gameboy Advance, I particularly loved to play these three games:

These were my top picks. Do let me know, which Games you love to play in your Gameboy Device.

What’s in the Trailer?

I must say they’ve worked on the user’s needs toward the game. After watching the trailer, I think they have interpreted the same situation of the game on Gameboy and with the 3D effects. The visual of the games look great. This game will be available to all you by the mid of September this year with the price tag of 45-50 USD.

Sum Up

It going to be very exciting to see the old games with new graphics and refreshed gameplay. The trailer seemed quite impressive. However, it will depend on the actual gameplay and the review of thousands of gamers like me.

Before ending the post, let me ask you a simple question- Have you played The Legend of Zelda on the Orignal version of the Gameboy? If yes, then do share your sweet memories of the game in the comment box given below.

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