11 Must-Have Tech Gadgets 2024 for College Students

Doubtless, every student has a smartphone these days. It’s an irreplaceable device that allows us to communicate with others, surf the Internet, make snaps, play games, watch videos, etc. Mere words, the functionality of modern smartphones erases the need to have dozens of different gears like a camera, timer, alarm, and even a compass.

However, even the most expensive and feature-rich smartphone can’t replace all the gadgets required for students. Therefore, scroll down and find the list of top gadgets that will ease your life, being a student.

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1. E-Book Reader


Everyone can notice that everything is becoming digital these days. Accordingly, all paper books become digital as well. It helps save the planet and makes it more convenient to store and take hundreds of books.

Above that, an e-book reader will not tense your eyes due to a special feature. Unlike smartphone screens, the e-book reader screens show static text using real ink. It makes the reading experience equal to a newspaper. Therefore, purchasing an e-book reader, you’ll be able to put all your textbooks in a pocket and bring them anywhere.

2. Laptop

For sure, a smartphone has a lot of great features to replace a laptop. However, it’s still hard to create a college paper, explore education materials, and research using a small-screen device with a virtual keyboard.

Thereupon, every student who wants to maintain a high college score should have a desktop. Purchasing a new laptop, pay closer attention to its battery life since you will need to bring it outside for a long time without the ability to charge your computer.

If you learn computer sciences, engineering, architecture, or video editing, you should purchase a laptop with high computing power.

But finance students should purchase a laptop with great spreadsheet support for Microsoft Excel. If you can’t afford purchasing a new laptop, there is always an option to buy a used one on the internet or from your friends and classmates. And if you need help with finance essays, consider using to ensure the highest grade for your paper.

3. Bluetooth Speaker


Most students like parties and pre-drinking. A wireless speaker is a great device that will enhance every gathering. Most modern Bluetooth speakers are waterproof so that they will continue working even if someone accidentally drops it into a pool.

Moreover, it is a helpful gadget to watch a movie on a laptop, listen to music while cooking or relaxing after a hard day. Bluetooth speakers have long-lasting batteries and hassle-free user experience.

4. Portable Hard Drive

Students always work with a large number of documents. An external hard drive will not only help expand a computer’s memory but also provide the ability to work with documents on other desktops.

Using an external hard drive, students can save an unfinished document, bring the drive to a college, and complete it on a shared PC.

Apart from that, an external hard drive is a great way to backup files. Consequently, in case of accidental data loss on a despot, you’ll be able to restore all the files in a few clicks. If you didn’t back up your files and need someone to create a new paper from scratch, feel free to place an order at, a popular essay writing service.

5. Power Bank


Despite all the benefits, all electronic devices have one disadvantage. They all need access to a source of electric power. However, when a device’s battery drains, it becomes 100% useless. Do not hesitate to purchase a power bank that will provide extra charging cycles for your devices.

Note, all power banks help store energy, but not generate it. Therefore, you always need to check if it’s charged before leaving your room. Otherwise, you will only get an extra drained battery in your backpack.

6. Fitness Tracker

Indeed, students want to be fit and healthy. A fitness tracker is a gadget that helps to remain an active lifestyle and ensure a healthy night’s sleep hanging on a wrist. Even a cheap fitness band will track your daily activity, measure heart-rate, and night’s sleep. Moreover, most fitness trackers keep their users notified.

By way of illustration, when a student spends more than a few hours sitting behind the desk, a smart wristband notifies that the user should take a break and do some exercises. Also, fitness trackers show the distance that users make every day and provide detailed reports.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones


All students, especially those who live with roommates, faced a situation when they need to avoid distracting noises to focus on homework. In this case, the best devices are noise-canceling headphones. They will suppress noises and play your favorite music to focus on your assignment and pass it until past due.

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8. Key Finder

Along with TV remotes and glasses, keys are one of the most misplaced items. If you’re a student who doesn’t want to spend your morning looking for keys and miss a lecture, purchase this small gadget and attach it to your keys.

When you lose your keys, press a button on your smartphone, and this tiny lifesaver will ring very loud. In addition to that, when you lose your smartphone, click the button on your key finder, and your phone will start beeping loudly.

9. Mini Projector


Watching a favorite TV show or movie is one of the most popular ways to relax for students. Mostly, there are no TVs in dorm rooms, so that students have to watch films using a laptop or smartphone.

However, it will be much more convenient to get a small projector and transmit the image on a wall or ceiling. Also, having a mini protector, you can gather your friends, grab drinks with snacks, and have a great evening with your friends.

With a smartphone and access to the Internet, students can go online and use or other similar essay and paper writing services to get instant help with their assignments and ensure they meet homework deadlines and get good grades.

10. USB Mug Warmer

What can be better than a mug of hot coffee in winter? If you need to work the entire evening to pass your homework on time, a USB mug warmer will keep your cup hot as long as needed. Just plug it into a USB port and enjoy a hot drink the entire evening.

11. Crucial Device for Students


Among all the must-have tech gadgets in 2024, there is one item you need to purchase. It’s a USB hub. This simple device will help expand the number of USB ports on your desktop to charge all the devices or use multiple flash drives simultaneously.